"Flashback, tracks from the past" is the Amiga/Atari/PC retropodcast which is all for the music. Helmed by DJ Daemon, it gives you all the top tracked tunes and some stories. It started in 2020 as "Amiga Flashback".

130. June
The sun is back on the sky and it's summer! DJ Daemon is back behind the mike with a large set of tracker music fit for the beach. Enjoy the show!
Date: 2024-06-15. Length: 01:03:41.

129. A tracked mix-tape - Flashback, tracks from the past
Back in the 90s, we had the famous "mix tape". It was generally a cassette tape with all our favorite music on. And we played this music on our Walkmans, while strolling around in the city. Today is a great modern time mix tape with some classic tracked music and more modern variants. DJ Daemon talks briefly and plays the best tracked music for an hour.
Date: 2024-04-20. Length: 01:06:43.

128. Spring is on the air
So the temperature is slowly rising here in Sweden. A faint feeling of spring is in and on the air, as DJ Daemon loads up some of the best tracker music there is. Join him on the journey through the music.
Date: 2024-03-02. Length: 01:03:29.

127. Down the chill tracks
"Another 'chill music'-episode" you say? Yes, it is and I do. Enjoy one hour of music with some banter from DJ Daemon.
Date: 2024-01-27. Length: 01:00:35.

126. In praise of Paula
Ah, Paula. The chip that gave the Amiga its voice. This is an informal continuation of the episode "Four channels to the Wind". Just like then, we only play Amiga module tracks, and just like then it's a great collection of tunes never heard on the station before.
Date: 2023-12-28. Length: 59:40.

125. Edison in retrospect
It's been a few months since Edison 2023 ran. But DJ Daemon remembers the tunes and the competition. You'll get the tracked and streamed music contestants. And, with the help of Coreus and the Baron of Dubstep, also an interview with Weyland (the leader of Edison)
Date: 2023-09-30. Length: 01:00:38.

124. Back on track
Fall is here and leaves are turning yellow. Flashback is back again after a few months of hiatus. Enjoy an hour of great tracked music. Today's spotlit artists are Elwood and Dedanis.
Date: 2023-09-09. Length: 01:01:51.

123. Vacation for reason
There is much going on in the world. But if you just want to relax for an hour with great tracked music, then this program is for you. DJ Daemon talks a little and gives you a lot of good music.
Date: 2023-06-24. Length: 01:05:23.

122. Waiting for the midsummer vacation
Us Scandinavian people have a midsummer festivity to care for. In Sweden, it will be this Friday. Maybe we can't provide you with music for this occasion, but there are plenty of other days where you can celebrate retro-nerd-geekishness. This podcast delivers exactly the right music to tinker with your Amigas, old PCs and Ataris. DJ Daemon is in full nerdmode.
Date: 2023-06-17. Length: 01:00:23.

121. Here comes the sun
The sun warms the frozen hearts of all Swedes. DJ Daemon celebrates by playing sunny and summery (newly invented word) tracked songs.
Date: 2023-06-09. Length: 01:02:46.

120. Here comes summer
Summer is finally here and DJ Daemon thought you needed some tracked tunes for relaxation in the sun. You get a mix of soft trance, vivid techno and happy tunes. And some speech between the them. Enjoy!
Date: 2023-06-03. Length: 01:01:39.

119. Outline 2023
Another demo party! This episode is all about Outline 2023. DJ Daemons spins the harddisks with the hottest demo music right now.
Date: 2023-05-27. Length: 01:02:19.

118. QBParty 23
QBParty is next up in Flashback's coverage of the demo parties. DJ Daemon keeps you company in through the whole playlist.
Date: 2023-05-21. Length: 01:01:11.

117. We are back
After nearly half a year - Flashback is back and today we're playing great tunes and talk a bit about Edison 2023.
Date: 2023-04-29. Length: 01:00:31.

116. The Spirit of Retro and Xmas Part 2
Part two of Coreus christmas top list. It's time again to get into that christmassy retro mood. DJ Daemon is behind the microphone.
Date: 2022-12-17. Length: 01:01:06.

115. The Spirit of Retro and Xmas Part 1
Coreus from the Retro spirit has outdone himself! He selected the best "xmas feeling"-music and created a mix out it. This is the first of two episodes. DJ Daemon is in front of the mike.
Date: 2022-12-10. Length: 59:45.

114. Mixing up the demo scene
Syntax 2022 in Australia and Mysdata 2022 are on the agenda for this demo party episode. But no toplist - we're just selecting the best or most interesting ones for this show.DJ Daemon just hope Disney wont go crazy over a lot of Yoda-samplings in one song. :)
Date: 2022-11-26. Length: 59:56.

113. Just listening to the radio
Nothing special today, just enjoying the songs coming into the station. We focus on Mick Rippon, an artist we never have heard on ericade.radio. We also add two tunes from Slash_atd. Not to forget the artist Tangerine.
Date: 2022-11-19. Length: 59:52.

112. Inércia demo party 2022
Ineércia demo party is over and delivered chiptunish goodness and heavy techno. Alas, no tracked modules participated in the demo party. But after the toplist, you get a set of such tunes suggested by our Discord listeners. DJ Daemon presides over this meeting of the tracked music minds
Date: 2022-11-12. Length: 01:00:03.

111. Impulsetracker
Impulsetracker produces the most advanced tracked music compared to Protracker, Fasttracker and the others. So they often feature a large number of instruments that makes up to 64 channels of musical goodness.This episode feature correspondent Some1NameNate, with the story of that one technology that sets Impulsetracker apart from the competition.Correction: I've been informered that Impulsetracker-music cannot be played on an Atari Falcon. My appologies for not checking this up. The story was told to me by a listener last year.
Date: 2022-11-05. Length: 01:03:58.

110. Another toplist of our own
It's the third time we let the listeners make the toplist. DJ Daemon sent out a request to various Discord forums and got a few suggestions of great tunes that you don't always hear. And from that comes another toplist by and for the listeners.
Date: 2022-10-29. Length: 01:00:34.

109. Deadline demo party 2022
A bit tired and with a stuffy nose, DJ Daemon gives you a belated episode with the demo music from the Deadline demo party 2022. Tracked and streamed music for your enjoyment.
Date: 2022-10-24. Length: 01:13:36.

108. Chillaxing while waiting
Deadline and Flashparty are still underway, and while waiting, lets chillax (=chill and relax) and just enjoy the music. Not much speech, but still some news:On the show:- Deadline and Flash party are soon over and next week we'll have the music.- Will the ericade.radio-music become a hit among cyberpunks?- We sound even better now. (Not me, come on, the music!)- A better website is coming.
Date: 2022-10-01. Length: 01:00:12.

107. Catching up on the demoscene
We're back with three new demo party toplists. It's from Nordlicht, Xenium and Function 2022. It's a bit of a catchup of all the important demo parties with tracked music we missed during the last 30 days.DJ Daemon blasts through them at a brisk tempo and skips some of the less interesting entries to give you the highlights. Not a boring moment.
Date: 2022-09-24. Length: 01:00:58.

106. Two years in the bunker
Two years on the air! They said it wasn't possible - it couldn't be done. And I proved them... Actually, no one said any of that. But the station is on and broadcasting 24/7. It's been quite a year and let me, DJ Daemon tell you about all the stuff we've been through together.One hour of the newest additions to the station of tracked music.00:00 ericade.radio - Good evening, here is another hour of tracked music00:06 DJ Daemon: Two years! On the 13th of September 2020, we started broadcasting. And we're still on. We've talked about the creation of the station on a previous episode. So this hour is just a look back at all the mayhem, chaos, broken songs and also some the bad stuff that have happen.
Date: 2022-09-17. Length: 01:03:39.

105. In the spotlight
Every week, ModArchive.org spotlight a bunch of noteworthy modules and DJ Daemon has selected some of those as the highlights of the spotlights so to speak. You will get some really cool songs by artists seldom heard on the station like DJ Ail and Thwy.
Date: 2022-09-10. Length: 01:04:57.

104. Dancing in September
Autumn is here and the leaves are falling of the trees. So, time to slow down and enjoy some good musical styles from the 90s through the trackers running on Amigas, Ataris and PC. DJ Daemon is the voice in the night, leading you through upbeat tunes and melodious niceness.So enjoy an hour of great tracked music and your favourite beverage.
Date: 2022-09-04. Length: 01:01:11.

103. The last enthusiasts from up north
Svenska Commodoreklubben (SCK) held a great retro-event in Täby in northern Stockholm in Sweden between the 26 - 28th of August 2022. It held a fantastic museum, a repair shop, a quiz held by Frida Katarina, the online meeting "Sen kväll med Commodoreklubben" and ericade.radio did a live broadcast.Huge thanks to Hravnkel, Björn A, Bjonte, PataG, Hedgewizard, Per G, Frida Katarina and all the other people making the retro-scene the place to be!We did a live broadcast during the most of the Friday, but had to cut it short on Saturday due health-issues on my part. But still, we got a lot of stuff to talk about. And the music is a fresh addition to the station and mostly very soft and mellow as it feels right. Enjoy!The link: commodore.se/about-us/ (Mostly in Swedish)ErrataI said that the Amiga 500 came out in 1997. I misspoke. It was in 1987. My bad.
Date: 2022-08-28. Length: 01:00:15.

102. 40 years of Commmodore 64
What a computer! The legendary C64. In August of 2022, it celebrates 40 years of being the one computer we all remember fondly. That's right, Commodore launched it in August of 1982. The same year as the war in the Falklands and Michael Jackson's thriller.DJ Daemon talks about the C64. The music is mostly fantastic remakes of old C64 game tunes.
Date: 2022-08-21. Length: 59:47.

101. Some Assembly required
Assembly is a famous Finnish demo party that started 30 years ago. That's SGT Peppers lonely hearts club band and then ten more years.DJ Daemon gives you the tracked music and the highest rated entries of the "listening competition". So, put on your headphones and listen to brand new tracked music.A few songs that are not up to our standard, have been cut to just a short "sample".
Date: 2022-08-13. Length: 01:04:05.

100. Synth oddity
Episode 100! From December 2020 until today, it's been quite a ride. But no need to get all misty eyed about it. DJ Daemon instead spends this hour exploring two tracker music oddities: the AHX and HVL formats.So expect more chiptunes today, as both those formats were born to excel in that way.
Date: 2022-08-07. Length: 01:00:24.

99. Welcome to the jungle (Edison Demo party 2022)
Edison Party 2022 has left the building in Eggebygård in Stockholm, Sweden after three days of the sceners battling it out with trackers, compilers and drawing programs. We got the tracked music toplist and four of the best streamed tunes from the party.DJ Daemon delivers commentary and all the music for your listening pleasure!
Date: 2022-07-30. Length: 01:01:20.

98. The tale of two sysops
In the middle of the hot summer of 2022, two sysops met over the Internet and started talking retrocomputing, the Amiga, the demo scene and the horrors of overheating modems and why you valued what you downloaded more back in the day. In this episode, DJ Daemon and Hravnkel also selects their favorite Amigatunes from the 90s and talk about why they like them so much.Hravnkel is an old ascii artist whose first BBS lasted two hours. But he started a new, modern one called "This old cabin" in 2017.DJ Daemon used to be part of the demo group Eternal in 1994-97 as a sysop.Both are fans of Commodore, the Amiga and the C64.
Date: 2022-07-23. Length: 01:02:03.

97. Another summer fly-over
The middle of July until early August is what I call the "fly-over" territories of the summer. You just pass through them while enjoying your life. I go back to work tomorrow but hope for some more vacation in a few weeks.So relax a few more days, when the weather is great and there are few things going on.
Date: 2022-07-16. Length: 01:03:33.

96. Gubbdata and Arok 2022
Talk about a scheduling conflict! Gubbdata in Sweden and Arok in Hungary both ran on the 1st to 3rd of July 2022. DJ Daemon solved it by waiting for the songs to arrive, so now we have 17 competing tracks from both demo parties.It's gonna be a great hour of six Amiga tunes, eight remixes and three C64 pure SIDs.
Date: 2022-07-09. Length: 01:01:52.

95. Happy Happy Happy
Vacation is here and everything is warmer and life goes slower for a while. So settle down and listen to music with a "happy"-theme. Because we're all happy to have some free time.DJ Daemon gives you an hour of nice tunes and also two brand new ones by Slaze, just released!
Date: 2022-07-02. Length: 01:00:06.

94. Summer in the city
Left in the trenches of the baking city of Solna is DJ Daemon hiding deep in his bunker, and keeping anyone within the reach of the broadcast with a good supply of tracked summer music from the golden retro days of computing.Last year it was storytelling. Now, it's music and some stories.In the show:- What's on the horizon for the next week in the demo scene?- A get-well greeting to Slaygon and Ziona from that other scene station in Sweden that actually has any listeners. Covid19 is still at large, but SlayRadio stands undeterred.- DJ Daemon remembers the summer of love 1967, 8 years before being born.- Want a good drink? Non-alcoholic and perfect for the summer. https://ericade.radio/drink/
Date: 2022-06-25. Length: 01:01:00.

93. Shadow party 2022
Shadow party 2022 ended last Sunday and brings a rather meager list of tunes. But we get three great streamed ones and two tracked that, alas, are not up to standard for this station. But DJ Daemon gives you the streamed compo and then switches to a modarchive curated playlist with soft melodious tune and some heavy rocking ones.
Date: 2022-06-18. Length: 01:04:27.

92. As featured on the radio
While waiting for the Shadow party tunes (will be next week's episode), we're playing the latest highlighted tunes of ModArchive. DJ Daemon talks about them and gives you two nice medleys of shorter ones. Turn up the volume, here comes the good stuff to your speakers.
Date: 2022-06-11. Length: 01:00:57.

91. Forndata 2022
Forndata Summer 2022 started at 6 pm and went on until midnight. It was scaled back due to few people wanting to attend in person. But it went live on Twitch instead and was everything we come to expect from it. DJ Daemon plays the two contestant song and then talks about the interviews and the future for Forndata.This show was broadcast before the demoparty ended and thus we cannot talk about every part of it.We now have the toplist places:1. 106 pts Mirakelkur - krdn / defiance2. 73 pts st-svarup jedi 2 - adkd / artstateNote: I wrongly say that ADKD is part of Defiance. That's incorrect, he is part of Artstate.
Date: 2022-06-04. Length: 59:50.

90. Modarchive, hit me one more time!
Modarchive.org has a small, but active community that makes sure tracked music is saved for posterity. It has all the superb, awesome, great, good, mediocre, dismal and horrible music that the scene has composed. Or at least a lot of it. How do you know what good and what is not? Stars! The community awards points between 1-10 to everything they can.Today, DJ Daemon does another show based on the last weeks highest rated song sand talks about them and the comments. The songs can be made on any computer and be old or brand new.
Date: 2022-05-28. Length: 01:00:53.

89. In loving memory of Vangelis
Vangelis. The man behind Chariots of fire, Conquest of Paradise and the music in Bladerunner has left us. On the 17th of May, he concluded his work leaving it to posterity. DJ Daemon celebrates the man by simply playing songs from tracked music artists that clearly must have been inspired by him.An apologyThis podcast differs from the original broadcast in that the tune "Syndrom land" by MAF has been removed. Some listeners took offence as it was out of place in a remembrance program. I apologize for this lapse in judgement and this part of the program has now been remade.
Date: 2022-05-21. Length: 01:02:57.

88. Love is in the air and the ratings
Love is in the air and we're nowhere near Valentine's day. But this hour, let's note all the tracks on Modarchive.org getting the love in form of high ratings and generous comments right at this moment. DJ Daemon plays the music the sceners are talking about right now. The tunes themselves are all new, old or somewhere in between.
Date: 2022-05-14. Length: 01:00:28.

87. 88 keys to heaven
A typical piano has 88 keys spanning seven octaves. It has an almost magic versatility and is hard to get sounding right when sampling it. Today's tracked music artists tackle this huge task with great results most of the time. DJ Daemon showcases some of the best ever made and talks about them.
Date: 2022-05-07. Length: 01:01:44.

86. Chillout!
Another chill episode! We had one last autumn, and another one here and now. Modarchive.org delivers the smoothest, softest and calmest tracks you can wish for. And DJ Daemon talks about the artists, the comments and the music.
Date: 2022-04-30. Length: 59:58.

85. Revision 2022, The right stuff
Revision Demoparty 2022 was last week, and now DJ Daemon has caught up! Here's an hour with all the songs from the tracked music competition and two entries from the other compos. All narrated by DJ Daemon who loves some and... eh... Thinks less of some.Roll up! Roll up! A good time is guarranteed for all.
Date: 2022-04-23. Length: 01:02:43.

84. Xyce-ing in music, Flashback, tracks from the past
Two guys in front of their own trackers, collaborating over the Internet and eventually moving to the same town in the Netherlands. They are Xylo (Tom Offringa) and Cerror (Roel Heerspink). Together they have created a number of albums under the name #Xyce, with VUE being the latest. Today, DJ Daemon, goes through three of the previous albums, Classeur, Pop and Mosaik.Listen to music created on various computers such as Amiga, Atari and PC and enjoy the stories about XYCE from DJ Daemon.And if you like it, buy their albums here:https://xyce.bandcamp.com/
Date: 2022-04-17. Length: 00:00:00.

83. The world according to GERP
GERP 2022 was held in Skövde in Sweden and presented most of what you want of from a demoparty when it comes to music. You got chiptunes and modtunes off course. But also Virgills new "AmigaKlang" was used for some of the executable tunes. Great music, with many fit for platform games that never were.DJ Daemon wryly talks about the different tunes and what he thinks about them.
Date: 2022-04-09. Length: 59:30.

82. Toppermost of the poppermost
Today's tracked music genre is ... Drumroll .... Popmusic. It's the music that is easily seen as nondescript and generic. But actually, the collection in ModArchive, is quite good. And it's an hour with soft and nice tunes from talented artists as presented by DJ Daemon.
Date: 2022-04-02. Length: 01:00:51.

81. Oh no! More top lists.
Coreus compiled a list of suggested tunes and this just had to become a sequel to the episode called "a toplist of our own". So we did and DJ Daemon talks about the tunes and plays them.Links:Cyber Jeffs "Popbuster", available on Bandcamp:https://cyborgjeff.bandcamp.com/album/popbusterSceneSat volume 4 with Chronberg:https://music.scenesat.com/album/the-sound-of-scenesat-volume-4I paid $5 per album. They're awesome, I recommed you do to!
Date: 2022-03-26. Length: 01:04:18.

80. An evening with an electric DJ Daemon
Tired due to a heavy work weekend and in a need for some silly fun! So, that's what's up for dinner on this show. We only eat the dessert today. Pointless, comical and really enjoyable songs like pirate shanties, parodies and sample heaven (hell?).DJ Daemon is on fire and gives you the tracked music scenes most silly, but really cool stuff like bananas that are tasty, cartoon sampling and piratey goodness worthy of Monkey island.
Date: 2022-03-20. Length: 59:57.

79. Dance to the disco inferno
Burn, baby, burn - it's the disco inferno. DJ Daemon puts you on the dance floor! Bell bottoms and mustaches are in! The 70s and early 80s are back in a way. Let's play the disco music (muzak?) and laugh at 70s porn (Oh, yeah!) and crazy hinjinks on the dance floor. The tracked music community delivers as always.
Date: 2022-03-12. Length: 59:51.

78. Track and roll
Tonight we're rocking it! An hour with music that fills the tracks with heavy gitar sounds and a pumping rhythm. Set your volume control to 11 and get ready to practise your world-famous air guitarr in front of the mirror.DJ Daemon spins the diskettes.
Date: 2022-03-05. Length: 01:03:28.

77. Party till the cows come home
Last week it was classic music. And today DJ Daemon lets his hair down. What little he has left, that is. It's time for a party at the barn. It will go on until the cows come home, if anyone is still standing, that is. Today, we play bluegrass and country and western, as envisioned by the scene's tracked artists.Note: today marks the 27th anniversary of DJ Daemon entering the airwaves on a regular basis. This is worth celebrating as well.
Date: 2022-02-26. Length: 01:02:11.

76. Concert for music trackers in D major
We did a jazz-episode last summer, so inspired from that, we now look into the big collection of classic tunes and classic sounding tunes made on all kinds of trackers on PCs and Amigas. It's soft piano concerts and big symphonies. DJ Daemon talks a bit about the tunes and reads comments from users on Modarchive.So sit down, sip some red wine and feel a little more sophisticated in front of your radio.
Date: 2022-02-19. Length: 01:07:02.

75. Cheesy listening
Yesterday "Cheesy Listening" hit the retro world like a bombshell. A brand new music disk with Virgill rocking it with lots of new chip tunes. Today DJ Daemon gives you the best of a that music disk AND the previous projekt of Virgill, Chipo Django. Which is the better music collection for the Commodore Amiga. One rocking mouse goes up against a raven looking back at him.
Date: 2022-02-12. Length: 01:01:48.

74. Just another turn
"Just one more turn" has been the bane of students, people with work in the morning and anyone looking for some sleep. DJ Daemon tells you the story of Sid Meiers Civilization 1 and the stories of a brutal and violent Gandhi, how the game seemed hard to learn for the first seconds and then was impossible to stop playing and exactly where the famous slogan comes from.Correction: the game was released in 1991, not 1990.
Date: 2022-02-05. Length: 01:02:40.

73. Treasure hunting the comments
All tracked tunes has instrument list, used to name the samples. These are often used to instead write comments and greeting by the artist and some are quite creative and sometimes insane. DJ Daemon reads some of the instrument lists and comments on ModArchive and discusses them briefly. This puts an extra dimension to the tracked tunes. Maybe not the most legendary comments ever made, but some a quite interesting and amusing.Here is the file talked about in the episode:https://ericade.radio/files/true_devotion_ii+club_trance_rearrangement.mod
Date: 2022-01-29. Length: 01:00:14.

72. 8!ghtBM on every chart
For this weeks' episode, we look into the creative works of elusive artist E!ghtBM, which we don't know so much about, really. But his music speaks volumes of his talent. DJ Daemon delves into the most popular among his compositions and comments on them as well.
Date: 2022-01-22. Length: 01:00:58.

71. It's a long way to DiHalt
Get your boots! We're marching on Nizhny Novgorod in Russia for this years DiHalt. The music from the east dominates this episode totally and it's by artists you generally don't hear on this podcast. You also get to enjoy the best from the ZX Spectrum scene in a separate top list. An all over great collection of the best tracker music right now!
Date: 2022-01-15. Length: 01:01:10.

70. Cautious optimism
Careful! The Covid19 is still lingering. But 2022 is here as well and we're cautiously optimistic about it. New demoparties coming up, AmigaOS 3.2.1 is here and Hyperion helps all of us that lost our serial keys, The request feature is delayed and DJ Daemon talks about some upcoming demoparties.
Date: 2022-01-09. Length: 01:00:59.

69. A new year - 2022, second hour
So long, 2021! DJ Daemon broadcast this show live on 2021-12-31 at 9 PM CET as per usual. And this is mostly the music and some commentary on selected tunes by some of the other tracker artists on Modarchive. All read loud by an amused DJ Daemon. No need to sum up 2021, we did that a few weeks ago. Instead, enjoy the music and some words at the end by me. This is the second hour out of three.
Date: 2021-12-31. Length: 01:01:56.

68. Four channels to the wind - first hour
Today, about 55 percent of all tunes on Ericade.radio are Amiga 4 tracker modules and the percentage keeps dropping. Since Amiga is the starting point of it all, I wanted to go back to the roots of tracker music and this station. So, here are two hours jampacked with great tunes that graced the Amiga during the early 90s that you never heard on Ericade.radio before today!
Date: 2021-12-25. Length: 01:00:37.

67. XMAS at ground zero (shortened version)
It's christmas at ground zero and DJ Daemon briefly pops his head up above the surface to get his beloved Glögg and Punsch before the shops close. Home in his bunker after dodging all the Omikronparticles, he gives you all the tracked christmas tunes worth playing.
Date: 2021-12-18. Length: 01:07:48.

66. That was the year it was
It's not really time to sum the year of 2021 up yet... But I couldn't wait, so I told the stories of some of the retro events of the year that it was.- The upcoming Amiga500 mini.- The newest Vampire V4 (Icedrake and Firebird)- The death of sir Clive Sinclair and the 2017(!) ZX "reboot".- I incorrectly stated that the A500 mini will come out 2021-03-31. Pretty obviously it's 2022-03-31. Also, it's A500mini, not Amiga 500mini.- Forndata XMAS "2021 hANGOUT" is coming next week.- The news are collected from sources such as GenerationAmiga, Eurogamer, Amitopia and Facebook.
Date: 2021-12-11. Length: 01:01:29.

65. Mafiaboy vs the world
In 2019, IT-säkerhetspodden, another podcast I participate in met with legendary hacker "Mafiaboy". I and Mattias Jadesköld got to speak with Michael Calce, which is his real name. His misdeeds are now so old, they're now properly into retro territory. In this hour we tell the story of him and how he brought down Amazon, CNN and eBay. All mixed in with great tracker music.
Date: 2021-12-04. Length: 01:00:50.

64. They come from the land down under
Syntax Party 2021 went live on the 27th of November and closed its doors on the 28th. DJ Daemon gives you a great lineup of the tracked music compo entries from Australia's premier demo party that runs annually. Since the winner had not yet been announced, we give you our own lineup, setup to give you a great mix through the different genres and tempos. Sit down, take a sip of some warm beverage and enjoy great tracked music. The last 20 minutes are tunes from Dr. Awesome previously unheard on the regular station broadcasts.
Date: 2021-11-27. Length: 01:00:28.

63. The November grave yard shift
Where in the world is DJ Daemon? Answer: in Stockholm's northern grave yard, putting out the heavy tracked tunes for the undead, dead and living. In this outdoor broadcast, that was cut short due to battery issues rather than Zombies, you get some banter but mostly the greatest tracked music.
Date: 2021-11-21. Length: 01:03:27.

62. On a wing and a prayer
Epic space battle warfare and music is what this hour is all about! More specifically: Wing Commander 1 and tracked music with ONLY epic symphonies. Nothing sounds thin today as we dig into the first installment of the Wing Commander series and try to see if the game stands up to today's standards. So sit down in your chair, pour something to drink and get ready to deal with a race of evil cats that want you out of the Enyo-sector.
Date: 2021-11-13. Length: 01:01:34.

61. A top list of our own
I have long wanted to create an episode with my favourite tracks and when Coreus from Discord suggested a number of his own tracks he wanted on the station and played, it was clear that this just had to happen. So today is his requests and then the tunes I really like. So sit back and enjoy some brand new tracks on the station mixed with some of the best of the oldies. Here's a special episode that was broadcast live on a sunday in November.
Date: 2021-11-07. Length: 01:02:42.

60. Among saints and sinners
Halloween was last weekend here in Sweden and today it is All Saints day. So the episode is about both the silly and "safe" scares and horrors of Halloween and the somber feelings of the Saints day and remembrance of relatives and friends that are nolonger with us. The show zig-zags between the funny and the dark. As it should.
Date: 2021-11-06. Length: 01:04:06.

59. Numerology
On today's episode we go deep into the hard facts and questions about the music, the station and everything around it. Who's the most popular artist, the the most hated tune and which countries bring the listeners? And is the Amiga still king of this station? DJ Daemon tells you like it is!Corrections: "Vintage Vinyl" is by Roz, not Saga musix.
Date: 2021-10-30. Length: 01:03:10.

58. By the modem light's red glart part 3
And this is where our story of the Swedish BBS-era must end: with the story of the wander in the desert and how the boards made a small come back when we were all old enough to become nostalgic. I also want to thank Fabian Norlin, Sysop for "Fabbes BBS" for giving me statistics and a cool story to tell. It's all in the show, and let's get that started then!
Date: 2021-10-23. Length: 01:11:00.

57. Deadline 2021, Germany calling
Deadline 2021 was held in Germany between the 8th and 10th of October 2021. We run you through 13 tracked tunes and 8 old school ones. 75 minutes of retro artistery and some dry humour from DJ Daemon.
Date: 2021-10-16. Length: 01:19:23.

56. By the modem light's red glare part 2
This is the second out of three episodes, talking about the BBS era in Sweden. We've hit the 90s and lead you towards the sunset of the BBS scene and the Internet taking over. But this journey is an hour, so we will cover who the typical BBS-user might have been, why the some hated how easy it had become to start a BBS and quality of some of the discussions on a board like mine.The term "Board" and "BBS" mean the same thing here, just so you know.
Date: 2021-10-09. Length: 01:04:10.

55. An electrifying evening with mr demon - Flashback, tracks from the past
Presenting Mr Electric Demon - an old hand on tracked music. In this session, we will give you an hour of some of his best work. Both sampled and chip-tunes along with his own story and demo scene career as told by DJ Daemon.
Date: 2021-10-02. Length: 59:04.

54. Failure is the interesting option
Today, it's a another walk down memory lane of some stupid mistakes done by me and others when working with old computers. What about shorting out a poor C64, backing up all non-important stuff instead of the needed files, running DCopy 4.1 and nuking the disk and making the power lead fit.. upside down.
Date: 2021-09-25. Length: 01:03:29.

53. The creation of a station
One year on the AIR! Celebration is in order. DJ Daemon tells you the story of a station that loves the demo scene and the tracked tunes.
Date: 2021-09-18. Length: 01:01:24.

52. Flashpoint Argentina
From Finland, to... Argentina. It was time for Flashparty 2021 coming to your sofa from Buenes Airos. In this episode you get 14 streamed contestants and 4 tracked tunes in two compos than ran on that demo party.Note: I've cut some of the songs down, due to not fitting the station and podcast format.
Date: 2021-09-11. Length: 01:03:41.

51. God help me, it's Jumalauta 2021!
Jumalauta 2021 is over and brought 15 contestants to the tracked music demo scene. All parties have their style and Jumalauta had a rather informal feel to the music. Some is seriously crafted with nice chords and heavy beats, whereas others are just joking around. The winner really took some liberties with the concept of jazz and one entry featured a tire pump. So, it's not like any demo party. But it is jumalauta!
Date: 2021-09-04. Length: 59:02.

50. By the modem light's red glare part 1
This is the first episode in a two episode story about the Bulletin Board System (BBS) era seen from a Swedish perspective. Follow DJ Daemon through the late 70s, through the Wechselmann-indictment to the discussion about Anita Bondestam and her weird moped analogy. It covers the era between 1978 to the early 1990s.
Date: 2021-08-28. Length: 01:00:44.

49. Between Arok and a hard place
Arok Party 2021 is over and the autumn season is now inaugurated. A strong line up with 15 awesome remixes and 5 great C64 tracked tunes, coming directly from the compos. This has been great and DJ Daemon goes through the list that contains a weird Thriller-esque remix, someone trying to start his car and some real sweet soft tracks.
Date: 2021-08-22. Length: 01:15:35.

48. that other Awesome tracker dude
It's not Dr. Awesome! Today we play almost entirely Victor Vergara's tracker music. Mr Vergara called himself "Awesome" back in the day and is still active under the name "Awezoom". In this hour, DJ Daemon, sheds a little light on who he is, his involvement in the demo scene and who he dedicates all his love ballads to.
Date: 2021-08-21. Length: 01:01:19.

47. The basics of the home computer revolution
In the early 1980s, the people of Sweden had to be taught to program! This was the next step. In many ways, this ended up bearing fruit and the 8-bit computers taught a generation to become developers, demo creators and it-architects. But it didn't happen the way everyone expected: through the joys of Basic.
Date: 2021-08-14. Length: 01:03:38.

46. Do you grok the lingo?
All hobbies and fields create their own slang. The retro world has a gigantic library of words for the skilled, the unskilled and various computers and programs. DJ Daemon digs through words and the cool explanations that really makes you understand the attitude of true hackers. Not the kind that breaks into stuff, but the hackers that builds, programs and creates. Sit down and take a guess what hackerwasser is, why the net isn't dead yet and why Amiga users feel persecuted (no, we don't! Or do we?)
Date: 2021-08-07. Length: 01:04:01.

45. The fallout connection
Fallout, how I love thee! Let me count the ways 1,2,Tactics,3,New Vegas,4... Let's just end there...DJ Daemon was inspired by Fallout to create his own voice acted radio station, but wisely choose to create this one instead. It's sad if you voice act some old man screaming in the radio from a bunker, and no one will get that it isn't you for real. I mean, that's a ruined reputation right there. Really dodged a bullet, there...Corrections: Fallout 1 was released in 1997, not 1995 as stated in the intro.
Date: 2021-07-31. Length: 01:04:57.

44. The fly-over part of summer
The fly-over states in the USA are those that the planes flying above will just pass, on their way to bigger cities in more populated areas. And the latter part of July and the first weeks of August are like that. Vacation, less stuff going on... But that does not mean less to do! In this show DJ Daemon talks about the demo parties we have had this year, the upcoming ones, wonders if Workbench is becoming too bloaty for his taste, reports great news for everyone loving a certain game this show has stolen its title from and celebrates the Amiga 1000...
Date: 2021-07-24. Length: 01:01:36.

43. Edison party 2021, a bright idea indeed
It took some time, but now, the podcast episode that covers Edison Party 2021. It ran from the 9th until the 11th of July 2021 and DJ Daemon was there in person, broadcasting live. This episode will give you the whole tracked music compo from the last position to the winner, with a short note about each artist. As you come to expect by now.
Date: 2021-07-17. Length: 01:01:25.

42. Quite a country for old men
GubbData 2021 is still running as I write this, but the demo compo was yesterday and gave six artists a change to really show their Amiga tracker talents. In this show I play them all and also comment on GubbData and the compo.UPDATE: This final results are now in:First place - Slaze - Temporal AnomalySecond place - Vintrospective - An answering moodThird place - Caramel of Proxima - JargonautSlaze - Stringfellow Hawke, played in this episode, won 2nd place in the Airwolf compo.
Date: 2021-07-03. Length: 01:01:41.

41. Postcards from summers past
I had no idea what I was doing when I started this episode. I called it "Happy summer days" and started sourcing the tunes. When I recorded the intro it was meant to be about a specific summer, but I quickly expanded the scope and ended up thinking about a personal story with something about retro computers or retro technology from my favourite summers in the 90s and 00s. I left the intro as it was, as I think it's kinda fun how the story takes a life of its own and veers off on a different course during the show. I talk Amigas, Commodore, PC, MAC, Internet, BBSes and off course some tidbits from my life.
Date: 2021-06-28. Length: 01:02:24.

40. It feels good to be bad
So Tina Turner may not need another hero, but we need more villains! A proper villain has to have a reason to be who he or she is or we don't want them. So meet the villains of this episode:Andrew "I'm right - damn the consequences" Ryan - Bioshock 1.Donkey "But Mario is the evil one" Kong - The Donkey Kong series.Sarah "I will bathe in your blood, but I'm the victim here" Kerrigan - Starcraft 1 and 2.Robo "He's just like Hitler" Hitler - Castle Wolfestein.Wallace "Long, intellectual rant on why all is perfect and you suck" Breen - Halflife 1 and 2.Shodan "I'm god, now you curl up and die" - System Shock 1 and 2.(Ghost/Zombie/Whatever) Pirate "The incel of piracy" LeChuck - The Monkey Island series.
Date: 2021-06-26. Length: 01:02:49.

39. Don't copy that floppy
Ok, we covered the pirates. Now let's talk DRM or Digital Rights Management. It's the manual lookups, the code wheels, the servers that cannot validate your game and the bloody dongles...
Date: 2021-06-19. Length: 01:01:35.

38. Smokerings from heaven
Tonight, we go to the big Jazz club in the sky ... Or maybe it's the cloud where all the great Amiga, Atari and PC jazz-tracks can be found. DJ Daemon remembers one of Swedish radio's best: Leif "Smokerings" Andersson and pays tribute to him. Are our parents that played records on vinyl and listened to the radio in the 50s any different than us, who played games and listened to computer music in the 80s?
Date: 2021-06-16. Length: 01:00:53.

37. The Phoenix Station Update
On wednesday, a major part of the station failed mid-broadcast. The station was back an hour later, but left the recording desk inoperable. DJ Daemon has fixed up enough of it to allow the podcast to be made. But no time for cool stories. It's about the music and some upcoming features.
Date: 2021-06-12. Length: 01:03:43.

36. Forndata 2021 gets medieval on your arse
Forndata 2021 Summer is over and brought a lot of joy to the demoworld from Visby in Sweden. It was off course online only, but presented demo-, C64- and tracked music compos as you'd expect from a true demo party. The start was on time and there were few problems until the OctaMed-tune from heck just would play and was disqualified. The line up was good and the tunes were all up to the standard you'd expect from them. The interviews were quite unique with Swedish minister of digitilization, Anders Ygeman and legendary Commodore techs Bil Herd and Dave Haynie. We also got a really nice live interview with Chris Huelsbeck, the tracked music god of sorts.
Date: 2021-06-06. Length: 01:02:40.

35. Dial a pirate
Today we talk about the pirates! Not the Errol Flynn type, but rather the community of Warez Doodz and crackers are under scrutiny here. DJ Daemon delves into this from a Swedish perspective.I know I may seem negative to the warez community, but that's mostly the warez BBSes which used to have a mentality of superiority that struck me as rather unappealing. I'm kinda amazed by the tecnhological prowess of the cracker groups. But personally I walked away from downloading piracy copied games when I got my modem, as I didn't like the community. For me the demo scene and the normal BBS:es was the thing I loved and respected. When I got a steady salary, buying software was the way I eventually went. Sure, I used Napster as well. But that for a later show, I guess.
Date: 2021-05-29. Length: 01:05:30.

33. Liberty, equality and tracker music
From France comes the Shadow party 2021 and between 2021-05-21 and 2021-05-23 the virtual doors opened for a brand new demo party. We jumped at the chance to broadcast the tunes the same day they competed, so we did not know who had won. But we know now:The winners:1) TDTTDHAD - The Demo Track That Didn't Have A Demo - CS-Jay / Desire Persuasive Music Slide / Polka Brothers2) Evolution / Ma2e and Aceman3) Brightstar - Mystra / Brainstorm Nectarine (Amiga 4-channels)
Date: 2021-05-22. Length: 01:02:19.

33. Tracks from the past
The ERICADE Radio Network is now officially a true tracker music broadcaster and not limited to just Amiga modules. With this change, it's time to look back at what tracker music is and delve into its rich history. From Karsten Obarsky and the Ultimate Soundtracker on the Amiga and to todays Fast Tracker multi channel magic - it's been quite a ride. Like Emmet Brown in back to the future, we ask ourselves "My god, has it been this long?". Yes! Yes it has.... and we've got a really nice set of songs from Swedish artist Slaze as well, so that's the latter half of the show. It's also up on the station now. Both some of his old stuff and a number of much newer tunes. Enjoy!
Date: 2021-05-15. Length: 01:02:18.

32. Tomorrow never knows
The future of the station? Is it so bright we have to wear shades. Maybe not, but there are a number of interesting things going on:The door is open for ALL kind of tracker music, ever if it's strictly not said Amiga. Impulsetracker modules with 64 channels will not run on the Amiga, but it's still a tracker tune. We're venerating the Amiga in spirit. Still, the large majority of all tunes on this station is still Amiga.More features to the web site coming.More jingles in the near future.A little know clip on our YouTube-channel got a life of its own.More interviews!
Date: 2021-05-08. Length: 01:04:50.

31. Epic fail
So, it was not meant to be... Most that compete, fail. That's the rule of most games. Jack Tramiel named his company "Commodore" (a navy rank) as he throught the computer business was a war. Today we commemorate the failures, because they weren't often not bad, just unsuccessful. From the ilfated Amiga 600 to the Texas Instruments TI 99/4A. DJ Daemon remembers the days of infighting between hordes of different computers that were by and large incompatible with each other.
Date: 2021-05-01. Length: 01:02:03.

30. Don't lose that retro feeling
"Retro feeling" is what I call everything that feels retro without being just that and the "Retro spirit" is keeping the retrostuff alive as in new Amiga demos and tracker mods. Covered:Thimbleweed parkDust - an Elysian tailStranger thingsWhy are most retrogeeks guys?Swedish radio show HassanHow the 2020s is to the 1990s the same way as the 1950s was to the 1920s
Date: 2021-04-24. Length: 01:04:32.

29. A Revision best enjoyed on a sofa near you
Revision 2021 online is over and people from all over Europe and elsewhere assembled to show the world that the retro computer scene still matters! On Saturday third of April 2021, 15 entries fought in the tracker competition. And in this podcast, we will play them all! Be advised, there will be some swearing, so please don't listen if it offends you.DJ Daemon walks you through the contenders and gives you the winners!
Date: 2021-04-15. Length: 01:02:40.

28. Too pooped to party
The whole Saturday was one big fight against compressors, limiters, scripts, virtual machines and all the other "tech gods" out there. But the station sounds better than ever and I'm too tired to create a big show. Instead you get some banter and the newest music to enter the station. A really super mix of the smoothest and the coolest beats the Amiga mod scene can muster.The Revision Demo scene episode tracker competition episode is postponed until next week, but it will be done!
Date: 2021-04-10. Length: 59:49.

27. A pox on all your Amigas
Viruses are no fun, but we have had to contend with them since the 70s. The Amiga had its share of them like SCA, Bytebandit, Saddam Hussein, Lamer exterminator and some others. Some just wrote cute messages, whereas others deliberately or by mistake destroyed your data. Let DJ Daemon take you back to the 80s and guide you through the less popular parts of Amiga history.
Date: 2021-04-03. Length: 59:47.

26. Raiders of the lost show
Two months before Amiga Flashback came to be, this show went on the air and due to technical problems it was lost for the ages. Like a digital Indiana Jones, DJ Daemon went into the dangerous ruins of the old server and dug the treasures out of the maw of oblivion. The show that went on the air 2020-10-12 at 6 pm is now back, restored and the broken elements carefully repaired. This is the inaugural show that celebrated Dr Awesome's arrival on the station as an artist.
Date: 2021-03-27. Length: 59:35.

25. Station update!
Last year, we had a weekly station update. Not anymore. So here is a nice summarization of all that's going on. And... Some soft and nice Amiga music for your pleasure. We even try three artists' take on the song "Jamboree", all pretty different... And very cool...
Date: 2021-03-20. Length: 59:47.

24. Meet Mr. Brimble
Allister Brimble composed a lot of the most famous Amiga-tracks in the early 90s and was frequently contracted by Team17. DJ Daemon has licensed the 2014 remixes of the old songs and plays them here for you and also talks a little about the games themselves.
Date: 2021-03-13. Length: 59:46.

23 . After eight
This time, we play a list of selected tunes rated 8 / 10 on the Amiga Modules Archive. DJ Daemon speaks about games such as Silent Service and Utopia. Mentions how he impressed his brother with an Actiion Replay II on the Amiga and notes that the demo scene in Sweden is still not up to much right now... Darn this Covid19.
Date: 2021-03-06. Length: 59:47.

22. Another lazy sunday evening
Due to a heavy work load, the Saturday episode of Amiga Flashback had to be broadcast on a Sunday. This time DJ Daemon focuses on the music and selects a set of more chill tunes. The bpm varies between brisk and calm, but it's more beautiful vibes and nice synth chords than heavy beat today.Errata:17:57 : The SSI-intro is actually a commercial demo for some upcoming SSI-games. Thanks to Bittin_ for pointing this out.
Date: 2021-02-28. Length: 59:38.

21. Look at you, hacker!
Hackers are mythical creatures that just get in everywhere. Hacking is alas used as ersatz magic in many games and Hollywood movies. DJ Daemon tires of this and tries to find some games and movies that does this in a reasonly correct way. He uses a very generous definition of "correct". But the suspence of disbelief is a strong force of nature. So let's just accept this as a proper hacker story.
Date: 2021-02-20. Length: 59:46.

20. All you need is love
It's almost Valentines day and love may be in the air. DJ Daemon doesn't care too much about that and instead plays everloving Amiga-tunes and remembers when he fell in love with C64 basic (perhaps not something he wants to admit...), the demo scene and everything else around Commodore geekdom.He also overuses the word "Love" in a way that even the Beatles would have found a bit too much.
Date: 2021-02-13. Length: 59:59.

19. Battle of the nerds
Nerds and geeks are peaceful right? Nope! We battle as much as anyone else, but seldom in a fisticuffs fight. You know, it's all about words and feeling superior because we have an HP 48 calculator, an Amiga instead of an Atari or because our favorite demo group just won in the great demo party. DJ Daemon dives into why we need to form groups or "cliques" where we feel elevated and enlighted as opposed of those other "troglodytes" of the competition.
Date: 2021-02-06. Length: 59:49.

18. From the desk of miscellaneousity
Time to dish out some random stuff over the virtual airwaves. DJ Daemon has picked up a slew of songs of high quality never heard before on this station and struggles to pronounce the French and German names. Don't laugh! Try to do it better, yourself #128578;
Date: 2021-01-30. Length: 59:49.

17. Standing on the brink in the eve of destruction
The 80s ended more than 30 years ago, but it was an interesting time in the eye of an impressionable youth such as me. I was 5 when it started and 15 when it was over. In between we had the closing chapter in the cold war, a battle between home computers, a combat where silence met the truth of an incident in a village near Kiev and off course the monumental clash between east and west as the borders fell. Most of this is presented through the eyes of the child I was back then.
Date: 2021-01-23. Length: 59:16.

16. Doing miscellaneous stuff
Another doin' nothin' show. I did one a month ago, and I'm not done with that yet. New music (for this station) is promised and delivered as you expect. I also read a bad poem with so much horrible grammar it makes it all worth listening by itself.Some notes:About the intro: I don't know what DAE means either. Maybe some weird connection with area 51, so dae.I know how l33t-speak work. I just act if I didn't to make it look just as silly as it really is. It does in fact NOT r0xx0rz my s0xx0rz.Cats are nice. Don't pull them by the tail.
Date: 2021-01-21. Length: 59:49.

15. Return of the Tekmann
Chiptunes are back in style in the retro scene. On of the people keeping this classic 80s and 90s computer music alive is Tekmann, who does his music on two Gameboys. He avoids doing to much post-work on the tunes he composes and instead prefers letting the real hardware doing the heavy lifting. It's as real as it gets! Today we meet him in an interview where he talks about his creative approach, his "lone wolf" musician hobby and exactly how much he likes touring... That is when can, as the Corona puts quite a damper on it. You will also get to know why a Dead Mau5 looking super hero outfit is his prefered outfit when performing.
Date: 2021-01-16. Length: 01:00:45.

14. Not much of a plan 9 from outer space
20 minutes before the show would "Air", I knew it could be done. My plan was to record it later. But as my previous engagements fell throutgh, I sprung into action and got all things good from Amiga Modules Archive with a rating of 9 out of 10. Hence the cheezy reference to the old sci-fi turkey created by Ed Wood. Then I voice tracked at a warp 10 speed and barely got it out in time.
Date: 2021-01-09. Length: 59:46.

Storytelling is key in some games but pretty optional in others. IF it needs a story it often ends up making or breaking the whole game itself. DJ Daemon sorts out four major storytelling mechanisms that are commonly found in the business.
Date: 2021-01-03. Length: 59:49.

Being wrong is no fun, but it's soo easy. This episode jokes around about the incorrect stuff I said during the fall of 2020 and even puts the very idea of calling it "Errata" on a podcast in question. So it's time to question our correctness and sanity. Maybe being wrong is ok, but what if you let a crazy mad scientist style cryptographer doing it on a IT-security podcast? Daemon shudders when he remembers.Errata:- You just read it... I will explain it in the podcast.- And... Geez... This will have no end. The Mix tape guy is actually from Luxembourg, not Germany.
Date: 2021-01-02. Length: 59:45.

11. Two shades of new year. Hour 3-.
Mixing it up by combining the New years eve and New years day broadcasts in a totally seamless podcast. DJ Daemon goes through the Amiga year of 2020 without mentioning the war (which war?), the American election OR too much about the Corona.Relax and enjoy music never heard on the station from the Amiga module-scene and a few stories about:Ibrowse 2.5.3.Vampire V4 stand aloneThe war between Cloanto (Amiga Corporation) and everyone elseThe end of TerribleFire's involvement with the Amiga communityAmikitApolloOS (the artist formerly known as AROS)Hyperion giving up on gobbling up the Boing ball and letting Cloanto have it..Not to forget about Southcentral BBS. Available with telnet on southcentral.se at port 1023, it enables you to experience a slice of Amiga history.Also noting that Taco spelt backwards means something when you buy it too cheap...
Date: 2021-01-01. Length: 01:00:21.

10. THE DOCTOR#37;E2#37;80#37;99S IN AND REMIXED
Dr Awesome is a staple here, but today's podcast plays the remixes that you don't get to hear on the station otherwise. For one hour we reimagine his old Amiga modules with modern synthesizers and the effects to match. Not much to say, but a lot to experience. Best heard on high volume or with a decent set of head phones at a comfortable level (don't damage your hearing!!).The remixes are by the good doctor himself, because who would be better to improve already stellar songs?
Date: 2020-12-26. Length: 59:49.

Tropes! The way we put game mechanics into tiny little boxes and the love or hate them.So, what's a Trope?- "a significant or recurrent theme; a motif."Example: "A movie is often built around the "Hero's journey""
Date: 2020-12-22. Length: 00:00:00.

8. The XMAS 2020 special, special, speciality. Hour 3-.
Xmas time! This is the three hour long show that we've been waiting for. Broadcast during the Forndata-event, it features some commentaries from me finally losing the battle to Whamming, the cool weirdness that was the demos released and a lot of discussions about the CDTV and the CD32. Those two ultimately failing Commodore projects with vastly different starting points. Why did they fail and what was different and what was exactly the same?The first hour deals with the Forndata event and stuff like that.The second hour is all about the CDTV and it's weird journey.The third hour gives you the CD32 - Commodore's last hurrah.Errata: I claimed that if I gotta Whammed, I would cut the power to the whole building. When that unexpectedly DID happen, I failed to live up to my threat. Very sorry, but I don't want to have a call from my landlord. It's bad for my "having a home"-situation.In hour two, PlayIt live deleted two voicetracks. I was able to fix it live, but ended up not knowing what I had said that was not deleted and therefore name some hardware facts twice. Sorry about that.
Date: 2020-12-19. Length: 01:04:56.

Today we're just lounging and remember the first times. It was magical the first time you felt her in your hand. ... What are you thinking about?? I mean the Amiga and the C64! DJ Daemon speaks about the first time seeing a module played on Noisetracker and when he directed Seagreen BBS users to his BBS. And then, the question is how you shouldn't really wear a mask in Corona times. Obviously it's just a thing we have to get used to. Random thoughts and some really nice tunes.
Date: 2020-12-17. Length: 59:49.

You fought the good fight! The baddies are dead and blown to smithereens and the fair maiden is by your side throwing ever loving glances at you. And then? "Conga-rats a winner is you. The princess is in another castell". The message drives you to the wall. "I fought 30 hours for this!!! WTF!!!!"."
Date: 2020-12-16. Length: 59:59.

Nuthin' special iN here. Just the N-series of Nice and Not Naughty SoNgs. Every Note iN here comes from the modules with N in the title or artist. So you Numbskulls can eNjoy good music.Errata: Amiga Flashback airs on Saturdays, Not SuNdays...
Date: 2020-12-15. Length: 59:49.

Sunday is here and today I talk demos, why EVACUE failed and the disqualified entry at the Gathering 1994 plus why Cannon Fodder does not glorify war.Correction: Evacue's last demo was in august 1994 and not 1995 as I stated.
Date: 2020-12-13. Length: 59:47.

Today, the history of everything ERICADE is on the menu. Daemon delves into the worst mistake in his life that he almost did, why there was nothing wrong with the listening counters and why the Corona built this station.
Date: 2020-12-12. Length: 59:25.

Setting the stage for the show with a nice Swedish potpourri, searching for the lost module and discussing why Overload has nothing to do with porn!Errata: The "unknown/lost" song was found by our listener Bittin_: it's called "I Thought It Over" and was created by "The Master".
Date: 2020-12-11. Length: 59:22.

The "pilot" or pre-sequel-whatever. The show that started the wild idea of having another podcast. Because we need one... Or do we?I did not know it would really become a podcast later, so it had no name really. Just felt like making a voicetracked show for no apparent reason . Coreus from Retro Spirit suggested I started a Podcast, so I did... All later episodes correctly bear the name "Amiga Flashback".
Date: 2020-12-10. Length: 59:39.