Get your boots! We’re marching on Nizhny Novgorod in Russia for this years DiHalt. The music from the east dominates this episode totally and it’s by artists you generally don’t hear on this podcast. You also get to enjoy the best from the ZX Spectrum scene in a separate top list. An all over great […]

Careful! The Covid19 is still lingering. But 2022 is here as well and we’re cautiously optimistic about it. New demoparties coming up, AmigaOS 3.2.1 is here and Hyperion helps all of us that lost our serial keys, The request feature is delayed and DJ Daemon talks about some upcoming demoparties. 00:00 ericade.radio – Time for […]

So long, 2021! DJ Daemon broadcast this show live on 2021-12-31 at 9 PM CET as per usual. And this is mostly the music and some commentary on selected tunes by some of the other tracker artists on Modarchive. All read loud by an amused DJ Daemon. No need to sum up 2021, we did […]

Today, about 55% of all tunes on Ericade.radio are Amiga 4 tracker modules and the percentage keeps dropping. Since Amiga is the starting point of it all, I wanted to go back to the roots of tracker music and this station. So, here are two hours jampacked with great tunes that graced the Amiga during […]

It’s christmas at ground zero and DJ Daemon briefly pops his head up above the surface to get his beloved Glögg and Punsch before the shops close. Home in his bunker after dodging all the Omikronparticles, he gives you all the tracked christmas tunes worth playing. 00:00 Announcement – Time for a live show with […]

It’s not really time to sum the year of 2021 up yet… But I couldn’t wait, so I told the stories of some of the retro events of the year that it was. – The upcoming Amiga500 mini. – The newest Vampire V4 (Icedrake and Firebird) – The death of sir Clive Sinclair and the […]

In 2019, IT-säkerhetspodden, another podcast I participate in met with legendary hacker “Mafiaboy”. I and Mattias Jadesköld got to speak with Michael Calce, which is his real name. His misdeeds are now so old, they’re now properly into retro territory. In this hour we tell the story of him and how he brought down Amazon, […]

Syntax Party 2021 went live on the 27th of November and closed its doors on the 28th. DJ Daemon gives you a great lineup of the tracked music compo entries from Australia’s premier demo party that runs annually. Since the winner had not yet been announced, we give you our own lineup, setup to give […]

Where in the world is DJ Daemon? Answer: in Stockholm’s northern grave yard, putting out the heavy tracked tunes for the undead, dead and living. In this outdoor broadcast, that was cut short due to battery issues rather than Zombies, you get some banter but mostly the greatest tracked music. Links: https://syntaxparty.org/ – Demos from […]

Epic space battle warfare and music is what this hour is all about! More specifically: Wing Commander 1 and tracked music with ONLY epic symphonies. Nothing sounds thin today as we dig into the first installment of the Wing Commander series and try to see if the game stands up to today’s standards. So sit […]

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