53. The creation of a station – Flashback, tracks from the past

The ERICADE Radio Network 2021-09-18

One year on the AIR! Celebration is in order. DJ Daemon tells you the story of a station that loves the demo scene and the tracked tunes.

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past
00:06 DJ Daemon speaks: On the 13th of September 2020, in the year of Covid19, I returned to the radio business after being off the air since 2006. And one year later, the station is still on and still rocking the boat. In this episode, I’ll share the challenges of giving retromusic a new home.

00:30 Trackerartist – rt_woman
01:59 DJ Daemon speaks: What possesses a person to create a radio station when everyone already has podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube? Radio has been a passion for me for ages and I have been in community broadcasting in Sweden for many years. So, I knew the craft. I previously told you that the stations connected to the Fallout gaming universe and being bored working from home sparked the flame. It was YouTube station “Old world radio” that put the idea in my head. I wanted my own YouTube channel to make weekly shows about old Amiga-music. This was the creation of a station.

02:51 Barry Leitch – Utopia tune 1
09:46 DJ Daemon speaks: This is the intro for the game Utopia, an old Amiga game where you create a nation on a foreign planet and wage war against the insects that own it. So, back to the station. I made a few test-shows that aired on Facebook and YouTube. A few friends listened and they were supportive. The huge problem was that I needed software to play the Amiga-tunes. I settled for VLC, and it was cumbersome. So, I needed a software to generate a playlist and act as a cart wall for sound effects. Googling on the matter gave me a link to PlayIt software and the program PlayIt live. It worked, but I soon realized the software was meant for radio broadcasters, and I was hooked. This was now a radio-project, not a mere show.

10:44 Argh – All night alone
13:01 DJ Daemon speaks: But to get the station to run I just needed the webpage, software, hardware, a lot of music, scripting, knowledge of the demo scene and a lot of support. I started nearly at zero. I had some equipment but had to set it all up piece by piece. There was no return, this had to happen. One afternoon I was sitting on the local train station in Enköping setting up the home page while waiting for the train, I had a portable access point and extra power banks to keep me connected to the Internet. Hours became days and days weeks as I used all spare time to get all things ready.

13:50 Drozerix – Chica-pop!
16:49 DJ Daemon speaks: It was decided that the station would start on the 14th of September, and I had just received the voice overs. They were made by talented voice actress Nicole Carino. I cheated a bit and started the station 11 PM Swedish time on Sunday the 13th. So it was time, and I had a lot of technical stuff that didn’t work and the sweat was running as I tried to get everything started. This is what you heard on midnight. I noted that everything came online as predicted, except the listeners.

17:54 cTrix – Lemon Funk
20:38 DJ Daemon speaks: The first painful lesson was that listeners on a music station with mostly music, expect mostly music. As soon as I spoke more than 40 seconds, they disconnected swiftly. I quickly learned to keep my speeches short and sweet. I had expected to voice track or prerecord the upcoming week every Sunday on the afternoon. It would take 3-4 hours I thought. Now that I know, it takes 45 minutes to voice track a whole workday. So, it was a dumb calculation and I had to rethink the whole thing. But I recorded weekly station updates on YouTube.

21:30 Emissary – Alaska
24:22 DJ Daemon speaks: The music took enormous time to process and add to the station, but I all became much easier when I automated the process and wrote a program to fix the tracked music into mp3-files for the station. This was easy now. But time consuming. The technical challenges were much harder. I have never filed to so many bugs report in my life. Every week I bombarded Streamlabs, PlayIT software and other companies with problems. I found a hefty number of obscure ones, that I needed to explain with a flow chart. But, hey, it sure was interesting.

25:08 TRiGGER – A.L.O.N.E.*DualVocalRMX!
28:09 DJ Daemon speaks: Discord is like an old Internet Relay chat, and I thought it would have lots of retronerds hanging around. I was right. As soon as I created a server there, people came on board. And the station now had a discussion forum where they could request songs and suggest ideas. I always had to do stuff myself, but could now get some help. The community came up with ideas and sometimes even helped me creating artwork or reviewing improvements to the station. I added more station Ids and ended up commisioning Nicole no less than six times to get her to give the station i’s voice.

29:05 Groo – Menu
32:38 DJ Daemon speaks: It was one of our Discord users that suggested I start a podcast and “Amiga Flashback” was started in December 2020 and is still running. In the spring the station was slowly changing. It started as an Amiga only radio station, but more and more PC-made music was added and I decided to switch to allowing all kinds of tracked msuic. In May, the station changed to become the “Last true tracked music broadcaster” instead of “Amiga music broadcaster”. This also made it possible for me to really push the format and make the station have a very uniform sound. It was all good.

33:30 Falcon of SKP – Lazy Dayz
36:58 DJ Daemon speaks: The podcast has also covered some grounds. I didn’t intend to cover demo parties, but did a special episode of Amiga Flashback for Revision 2021. And it became a thing. The podcast is now called Flashback, tracks from the past. And I have covered Revision, Shadow party, Forndata, Edison, Gubbdata, Arok, Jurmalauta and Flashparty. I also made a few show cases of artists such as Dr Awesome, Victor Vergara, Tekmann and Allister Brimble. The podcast is still small, with few listeners but the demo scene has been mostly supportive of it. And I have made other episodes about computer pirates, copy protections, BBS:es, gaming villains of the past and the IT-world of the 80s.

38:02 FearofDark – Influenza
42:00 DJ Daemon speaks: In July I started building a complex system to create a database with all artists, songs and information. This was then made available to all listeners and is slowly being improved. When done it will feature rating stars, a “request a song”-feature and information about all artists. It’s quite a challenge, but made possible through a lot of integrations with PlayIt live.

42:33 Kbx128 of Calypso – Blue carrier
45:38 DJ Daemon speaks: Finally, the station Ids where replaced with brand new ones created by Brittish radio DJ and Producer Jono Woodward. They were tested in August, but were fully rolled out a few days before the one year anniversary. I made a live show on Monday the 13 so I was live when the exact hour of the anniversary occured.

46:13 Leon Du Star – Full circle
49:24 DJ Daemon speaks: So, Finally, I must say I learned so much from this. I made two Live broadcasts on location at Edision Party 2021 and also voicetracked a DJ presence during a lot of the spring and summer of 2021. Some stuff was badly thought out, like my messages that ran two times per hour with the same cheesy Amiga-styled jokes and later sarcastic life advice. They will not be missed by anyone. But the station is no entering its second year and is ready to give you the best Amiga, PC and Atari music. Stay tuned and online!

50:20 Trackerartist – A Cyberspace Oddessey
53:31 DJ Daemon speaks: Thanks for listening.

54:09 Psirius – Artificial
57:34 DJ Daemon: Leading you into the good night…

57:52 ericade.radio – Keeps track of the past
57:57 TRiGGER – *Emotion, Devotion*M72

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