98. Tale of two sysops – Flashback, tracks from the past

The ERICADE Radio Network 2022-07-23

In the middle of the hot summer of 2022, two sysops met over the Internet and started talking retrocomputing, the Amiga, the demo scene and the horrors of overheating modems and why you valued what you downloaded more back in the day. In this episode, DJ Daemon and Hravnkel also selects their favorite Amigatunes from the 90s and talk about why they like them so much.

Hravnkel is an old ascii artist whose first BBS lasted two hours. But he started a new, modern one called “This old cabin” in 2017.

DJ Daemon used to be part of the demo group Eternal in 1994-97 as a sysop.

Both are fans of Commodore, the Amiga and the C64.

00:00 Program starts
00:06 DJ Daemon starts the broadcast
00:30 Hravnkel gives you a Gotland weather report.
01:00 DJ Daemon: Why did you start this old cabin in 2017?
02:03 DJ Daemon: You were not a BBS sysop back in the 90s then? (The story about the burnt modem)
03:47 Hravnkel: We had acceex modems. They were crap that overheated.
04:45 Hravnkel: They’re were the “Roll Royce” of modems (Powerbit)
06:21 DJ Daemon: you could never get 56k anyway.
06:42 Hravnkel talks about the typical BBS-user in the 90s.
10:52 Hvrankel speaks about the “nice fantasy tune”.
11:42 Horrace Wimp: Hymn to aurora (Amiga 4 channel tracker tune)
16:04 DJ Daemon and Hravnkel talks about the trading/3l1t3 (elite) boards.
17:41 “Everyone hated telia … and Microsoft”. Hravnkel admits to have created fake credit card to reach CompuServe telnet.
Correction: DJ Daemon means “Statuatory limits” when he says “Prescription time”.
19:40 – “We calculated speed in characters per second”. – “When you downloaded a picture, you looked at it” (I took a lot of time to download anything back in the day)
21:06 “I didn’t like the elite dewds. Arses, the lot of them”. (Is DJ Daemon rude?)
22:36 “0days then, versus 0days today”. (Different meanings)
23:32 “What about all this illegal stuff on the boards, that media talked about all the time”. (Has anyone seen any of it? We certainly haven’t. Except the anarchist handbook)
24:50 DJ Daemon loves to here the next tune.
25:03 Mantronix and Tip – Overload.
32:16 “Brilliant tune”
32:25 Hvranel remember the Amiga versus the Atari wars. “We hated the Atari”.
32:56 “It was obligatory to hate the Atari… they hated us back”. (And now we love all home computers, including the Atari)
34:14 “The last warriors of the Amiga”. “That’s was crazy, wasn’t it??”
35:02 “The BBS:es were the pinnacle of all Amiga hope”.
36:02 “Got my first PC in 1996. That’s when the BBS:es stopped being popular”.
36:28 We remember Eric W. Schwarz and his “Survivor art”.
37:45 “The demo scene was connected to the boards – how ?”
41:48 Hvrankel presents the next tune, from a legendary A1200 demo called Tint.
42:35 Azazel – Fractured (Amiga 4 channel tracker tune)
46:51 Hravnkel tells the story of the tune. “It made it to the local dance floors in northern Sweden”.
47:35 “The scene was very harsh and had a bullying attitude”.
49:18 “Do you know about the Maj Wechselman affair here in Sweden?”
50:40 “DMZ – Datormagazin – the bible for us lamers”.
52:09 “The BBS scene remerged in 2015”.
54:54 Nikom the premier Swedish kom-board. “At first I hated it”.
56:03 DJ Daemon notes that he liked to listen to the next tune in Protracker 2.3b.
56:20 Nuke of Anarchy – Velo Matrix
59:02 “You remember this tune, right?”
59:19 How do the brutal tone of todays’ Internet and the old boards differ?
1:00:20 “Most boards were very friendly”.
1:01:38 “All sysops were eavesdropping”.
1:03:56 “This not ok” (DJ Daemon reacts to piracy copying of modern C64/Amiga-games)
1:07:05 “A modern tune by talented musician [Slaze]. Part of the Forndata 2021 compo)
1:07:34 Slaze – Neuroflute (Amiga 4 channel tracker tune)
1:10:58 “It’s trying to sound medieval, doesn’t it?”
1:12:09 “Would you say the BBS:es were a hobbyist thing?”
1:13:54 “Your channel on Youtube – seems to need an update”.
1:15:31 “What is the name Hravnkel all about?”
1:18:22 DJ Daemon signs off with his standard Dylan Thomas quote.
1:18:46 Arpegiator of Chryseis – My wolf 2 (Amiga 4 channel tracker tune)

Host: #djdaemon
Guest: #hravnkel

Podcast: Flashback – tracks from the past

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