94. Summer in the city – Flashback, tracks from the past

The ERICADE Radio Network 2022-06-25

Left in the trenches of the baking city of Solna is DJ Daemon hiding deep in his bunker, and keeping anyone within the reach of the broadcast with a good supply of tracked summer music from the golden retro days of computing.

Last year it was storytelling. Now, it’s music and some stories.

In the show:

– What’s on the horizon for the next week in the demo scene?
– A get-well greeting to Slaygon and Ziona from that other scene station in Sweden that actually has any listeners. Covid19 is still at large, but SlayRadio stands undeterred.
– DJ Daemon remembers the summer of love 1967, 8 years before being born.
– Want a good drink? Non-alcoholic and perfect for the summer. https://ericade.radio/drink/

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for Flashback, tracks from the past – with your host DJ Daemon
00:06 DJ Daemon: Vacation times are coming! One year ago I did a summer show, but this year, it’s more music and less stories. Let’s just relax with a drink and the radio, as I’m giving you a pure tracked summer. 19s
00:20 D.Raven – Dove and Raven

07:14 DJ Daemon: time for the first medley. 28s
07:38 TRiGGER – Moon Over The Beach
08:42 RiKi BiRDtREE – Beach Sounds
09:39 maF – Beach

10:50 DJ Daemon struggles with pronouncing the next artist. It’s fun. 32s
11:18 Betelgeuze – Beach Scam

17:19 DJ Daemon sends a “get well soon”-message to Slaygon and Ziona over at #SlayRadio. 41s
17:56 Lizardking of Strange – Summer in gambia

21:59 DJ Daemon mentions #gubbdata and #arok. 26s
22:21 Micro_Nat – Summer nights

23:45 DJ Daemon: time for the second medley.
24:10 Tomas Scrap – Saga of Summerset
25:52 Mutcase of Deadline – Summerpanic
27:37 Lithis of Ldream – Summer high

29:30 DJ Daemon notes that weather makes the Swedish summer great again. 34s
29:56 Cheech The Sneech – Summer Days Turn Rainy

32:21 DJ Daemon talks about making the site better. 38s
32:55 Psirius – Sunset Of Orion

37:14 DJ Daemon: time for the last medley. 25s
37:34 Arachno and Dtrax – Summer memories #3
40:05 Led Zargus – Beach
42:05 Ko0x – Sunnyside in bit-town

44:20 DJ Daemon talks about the new “Contact us”-page on the site.
44:47 Gavin Lucas – Summersound

50:03 DJ Daemon comes out with a drink recipe for the summer. No alcohol! 27s
50:21 trackZ – Summerfeelings

52:55 DJ Daemon : “worst porn-movie ending EEEEEEEVVVAH!”. 32s
53:24 Nusrat – SummerTime

57:13 ericade.radio – With Swedish host and Retro-geek-quite-ordinaire Daemon behind the mike
57:22 DJ Daemon claims his name. 21

57:40 LMan and Sunflower – Summer Of Love

(Dog and flower) Picture by Spiritze from Pixabay (Only on moving video-version)
(Sunglasses) Picture by นิธิ วีระสันติ from Pixabay
(Night sky) Picture by Jasmine li from Pixabay

Podcast: Flashback – tracks from the past

Retro memories mixed with current demo scene events and artist coverage

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