82. Toppermost of the poppermost – Flashback, tracks from the past

The ERICADE Radio Network 2022-04-02

Today’s tracked music genre is … Drumroll …. Popmusic. It’s the music that is easily seen as nondescript and generic. But actually, the collection in ModArchive, is quite good. And it’s an hour with soft and nice tunes from talented artists as presented by DJ Daemon.

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past
00:06 DJ Daemon speaks: Our fight to bring you the best tracked music in different genres have brought us to the popmusic stage. Lets explore the “The Toppermost of the Poppermost” of the ModArchive together. It’s softer and more mellow than usual. Somewhere in this program, there will be a “Rob Hubbard” song hidden in one of the tracks. See if you can catch it!

00:32 Anders Akerheden – April Snow
04:04 DJ Daemon speaks: So, it’s pop music today. Most genres as presented by the tracked music scene is pretty clearcut. But today’s music does not really stick out as an example of something unique. But it is great and has earned it’s reputation. What you just heard was Anders Akerheden with April snow. Pretty fitting as it was the 1st of April yesterday – and yes, it did in fact snow here in Sweden. Let’s go on with today medley’s – you only get one today – it’s monster with Autumn, The Music man with Always will love you and Andreas Karlsson with 3 foot high.

04:50 Laamaa – Boogie beach
06:18 Monster – Autumn
07:32 The Musicman – Always will love you
09:36 Andreas Karlsson – 3 foot high
11:51 DJ Daemon speaks: Yup, it’s mostly softer tunes today. It feels right. Tracked music seldom feature vocals and if they do, it’s mostly short samplings with screams and effecs. The GreaFox actually sings on the next song called Syndrome. It seems to be about pain and struggles. Raveolution wrote on Modarchive in 2021 while rating it 9 out 10: LOL this song is crazy. I’ve had some episodes of serious aches and pains and can’t walk can’t sleep moments in my life so I feel this guy’s pain. This song never ceases to get my attention. Life ain’t always perfect folks. Be glad for your good health, I sure am glad for mine!

12:44 The GreatFox – Syndrome
18:00 DJ Daemon speaks: Great, let’s up the tempo a bit. We need that too! Next up is Cyborg Jeff with Nectarinization: la revenge. This tune was added to the station a few days ago, and comes from Cyborg Jeff’s album called Popbuster released in 2005. We played “Email to Elise” from it in last episode. He hails from Belgium and may one day get a special episode on this podcast.

18:37 Cyborg Jeff – Nectarinization : la revenge
21:50 DJ Daemon speaks: Fast, and … hmmmm… Vindictive. Or something like that. So, yes, I’m still counting the days until Revision, that opens on April the 15th and runs the whole weekend. But a few weeks still remain. Next up is the artist “The professor” and I shall spoil the challenge a bit for you. See if you catch it. What Rob Hubbard song is hidden in this tune?

22:22 Professor Chaos – Holidays
30:00 DJ Daemon speaks: Oh, you will have to wait until the end of the show before I reveal the answer. Let’s try som moody guitarplay from MC Dreamer and “I don’t know why”. Comments from ModArchive: Pip Malt wrote in 2007, rating it 7 / 10. Nice acoustic guitar tune by MC Dreamer. Smart use of guitar squeaks to make it sound like the guitar player is shifting from note to note. The only other instruments are drums and bass, so it gets pretty repetitive towards the end. It’s almost 6 minutes long. I would like more variation. Unknown commenter in 2000, rating it 9 / 10. This is simply GREAT!!! I’m just thinking about a desolated broken heart… the feeling when hearing this song is incredible… :'( Damn, it’s a good sad song The guitar samples are great! And I notice the fingers passing over the strings… wow. (…)

31:09 MC Dreamer – I don’t know why 1997
36:59 DJ Daemon speaks. 54s

37:49 Flyguy – Emotional hero
40:54 DJ Daemon speaks. 54s

41:44 The Genius – Increasing sorrow
46:50 DJ Daemon speaks. 47s

47:32 Robric – Baby Dreams
51:40 DJ Daemon speaks. 47s

52:22 Vitz – A journey of sorts
56:43 Robric – Pyramid

Picture by orangem from Pixabay

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