71. It’s a long way to DiHalt – Flashback, tracks from the past

The ERICADE Radio Network 2022-01-15

Get your boots! We’re marching on Nizhny Novgorod in Russia for this years DiHalt. The music from the east dominates this episode totally and it’s by artists you generally don’t hear on this podcast. You also get to enjoy the best from the ZX Spectrum scene in a separate top list. An all over great collection of the best tracker music right now!

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past
00:07 DJ Daemon: It’s 2022, a new year, and Russia invades! But this is an attack of tracked music, cool demos and old school graphics. DJ Daemon here donning my helmet and broadcasting one hour of demo music from the DiHalt 2022 demo party that ran last weekend Nizhny Novgorod, on the 7-9 of January.

00:35 EA – No Time For Music
01:02 DJ Daemon: No time for rest – let’s jump into the DiHalt HiEnd Tracker Music competition. And it has eight entries. On place eight, Krotan from Russia is bringing up the rear with Marten run. It’s a rather cute chip-tunish song that is all over the place.

01:24 8. Rozantsev – Marten Run
04:03 DJ Daemon: Place 7 holds the tune Shaft and it’s from litchh, an artist whose first demo entries are from 2019. Soft piano-chords accompany you through sneaky journey in dark-lit alleys with an unknown danger looming in the background.

04:23 7. litchh – SHAFT
07:38 DJ Daemon: It seems like Ukrainian artist Noob from Kiev hasn’t bothered finding a name for his creation. He pulls an old, classic trick, but calling it “untitled track”. It’s another journey over the keys of the piano, but this time it flies through brightly lit skies and lands a mere minute later at place six.

08:02 6. Noob – Untitled track
09:07 DJ Daemon: Russia is back in the game with “Moonwalker’s 10 minutes trash” by Scalesmann. But there are two things wrong here, it’s not 10 minutes and definitely not trash. Pretty classic style of 2000s tracked music with nice chords mixed up with some funkiness. A bit repetitive sometimes and it gets place 5.

09:35 5. Unregistered – Moonwalker’s 10 minutes trash
11:21 DJ Daemon: Noob’s real name is Jaroslav Diachenko and his first tunes in modarchive are from around 2019. According to demo scene, this is his first participation in the demo scene. The tune is called Midnight travel and sounds like music from a mid-90s computer game. Really love the airy strings. Place 4.

11:50 4. Noob – Midnight travel
13:09 DJ Daemon: e!ghtbm and Magnetic-Fox from Poland teams together and this leads them right into bronze position with cool, mellow, but jumpy tune called winter melonide. I hope that isn’t a typo. Place 3 as you understand.

13:29 3. E!ghtbm and Magnetic-Fox – Winter melonide
16:53 DJ Daemon: Silver position and here we find Fatalsnipe from Belarus. The tune, Salvanage has a pretty techno style which would have made a big success on the dance floors during the 90s.

17:10 2. Fatalsnipe – Salvanage
20:12 DJ Daemon: Winner! And it’s Slash delivers Mood’s satellite from the country that launched the first of them into space. Spoiler alert, it was Russia. Congratulations.

20:29 1. Podolskiy Denis aka Slash_AtD – Mood’s satellitE
23:09 ericade.radio – With the greatest tracked tunes from the demo scene
23:15 DJ Daemon: We’re leaving the sampled tracks as the top list is over.. Next destination: ZX Spectrum AY/YM music. It’s the more blippety-blop variety. AY and YM refers to the two of the most famous chips powering old Spectrums. Onto the top list. 9 contestant tunes, 1 winner and here is the lowest position, number 9. Gifts of the magi by Casecoma. The song brings me good feelings as retro stuff always does.

23:58 9. Роман Русских (Casecoma) – The Gifts of the Magi
25:18 DJ Daemon: Place 8 and here we find Hazard of Phantasy from who is sort of a compatriot for me. He’s Latvian and so are my relatives on the paternal side. The tune is called Kerb. It would be perfect in a platform game from the 80s.

25:37 8. Hazard of Phantasy – Kerb
29:38 DJ Daemon: Scalesmann and his Marching cats are back again with the tune “Nearly there”. A sweet song that crisscrosses through nice bass loops. It’s great, but short. Place 7 and it’s a cover of Jochen Himpels tune that Jogeir Liljedahls covered in the demo “Full moon endpart”. More on that story in a few minutes.

30:06 7. Scalesmann of March[ing]_cats – Nearly there [lil recombination]
31:32 DJ Daemon: Place 6 and it’s a rather eclectic, but nice tune by Groove and it’s called Polytechnology univ. Guess it’s university.

31:44 6. Groove – JS – TNL. Polytechnology Univ.
33:28 DJ Daemon: The zombies are coming! You have barricaded yourself and your friends in a small shack in the middle of nowhere. There is a knock on the door. As you walk towards it, artist Lampovyi Ninja screams “Don’t open that freaking door”. The tune places itself at place 5 and wakes up some lawyers from Nintendo.

33:55 5. Lampovyi Ninja – Do not open that foking door
35:33 DJ Daemon: Another artist I have problems finding info about. It’s jump error of Team Moritz and the tune is called Alien Slaphead. Poor aliens. That’s what we do to them… On the other side, watch any Hollywood movie, and as you can see it’s hardly unprovoked. Place 4.

35:58 4. Jumperror ^ Team Moritz – Alien Slaphead
38:03 DJ Daemon: Ilya Abrosimov, or EA, is from Russia and has a “2 channels experience” he would like to share with us. It’s a bronze medal winner in the eyes of the judges and pushes up the tempo.

38:23 3. EA – In 2 channels experience
40:10 DJ Daemon: I don’t know about Tipperary, but EA gets the silver medal with “Long way to DiHalt”. It’s like the last tune, also by EA, so you can probably fuse them together.

40:24 2. EA – Long way to DiHalt
43:26 DJ Daemon: One podcast episode and already one winner. Ok. That’s something. KUVO, from, no surprise: Russia with the tune “Not yet star”. Kuvo sends his greetings to DiHalt: “Happy New Year and new DiHalt to all demoscene lovers! Kindness and warmth!”.

43:52 1. KUVO of CSI – Not yet sтaр (6ch)
46:15 ericade.radio – We love the demo scene
46:20 DJ Daemon: And we’re through. I have to really step up my work here as the demo parties are coming in on my radar and next up I will try to cover “LoveByte 2022”. Now, we’re going back to the normal rail of things with a marathon of three Alex Menchi tunes.

46:44 Alex Menchi – Karamoon’s Path
51:51 DJ Daemon: In 1990, a group of Atari ST programmers and artists known as The Lost Boys released a game called “A Prehistoric Tale” on both the Atari ST and Amiga. Atari ST musician Jochen Hippel (Mad Max) ported the game to the Amiga and also created the music for it. In 1993, Virtual Dreams and Fairlight released the Amiga demo Full Moon containing a Protracker module called “Nearly There” by Jogeir Liljedahl. The tune is an almost exact copy of Jochen Hippel’s tunes. Information comes from Codetapper.com.

52:56 Alex Menchi – Savage Cat
57:40 DJ Daemon: See you next week.

58:07 Alex Menchi – speeder than light
22:01:09 Jingle – We love the demo scene

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