68. Four channels to the wind – Flashback, tracks from the past

The ERICADE Radio Network 2021-12-25

Today, about 55% of all tunes on Ericade.radio are Amiga 4 tracker modules and the percentage keeps dropping. Since Amiga is the starting point of it all, I wanted to go back to the roots of tracker music and this station. So, here are two hours jampacked with great tunes that graced the Amiga during the early 90s that you never heard on Ericade.radio before today!

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past
00:07 DJ Daemon introduces the show and says: it’s all Amiga today!
00:24 Trackerartist – Sampleja (Säkkijärven polkka)
02:52 DJ Daemon notes that he hasn’t been able to track the tune down.
03:15 Cap’n Weasel – Seadog medley
06:53 DJ Daemon does the obligatory “Arr, matey” comment.
07:10 Mr. Dice – Sorrow of Deamon
10:44 DJ Daemon explains why the “Deamon” actually is sad.
11:01 Trackerartist – Sarcoremix
17:17 DJ Daemon happily proclaims that “Best of ERICADE.radio” has now left beta is now 100% in production.
17:46 ericade.radio – Celebrating over 30 years of tracked music
17:52 Moby – Sea of love
21:28 DJ Daemon thinks we need softer tunes sometimes, but then some more up-tempo.
21:43 Perro of Frantic – Something
23:50 DJ Daemon speaks about the tune and makes too many Beatles jokes.
24:18 Trackerartist – Seeing 2
29:06 DJ Daemon explains why all new Amiga tracks are now in mono.
29:38 Kyrre Kaaby – Serenity
31:43 DJ Daemon speaks complains about the tune needing to say its name all the time.
32:13 Leinad of Avalanche – Vote4me
33:51 DJ Daemon speaks about Leinad and his trick to win the heart of the judges.
34:31 Iron cat of Zenith – Sacred temple
37:23 DJ Daemon speaks about why the next song is taking a risk.
37:50 David Whittaker – Xenon II
41:17 DJ Daemon about sampling and copyright infrigements.
42:03 Trackerartist – savage1
45:30 DJ Daemon speaks notes how the previous song is bonkers and that we infact DO want you.
45:55 Deejay Jones – We don’t want you
47:50 DJ Daemon tells you where he is a the time. (Not Stockholm!)
48:34 Jason of Crusaders – Wanna buy a helmet!
51:39 DJ Daemon clearly states that he’s clearly not in the market for a new helmet.
52:18 Blackstar and Trixal of of Cryptoburners – Nice wet and mean
59:57 Trackerartist – Showtune
01:08:49 DJ Daemon mentions the Simpsons.
01:09:23 Lukas of Focus design – Song for a pig
01:13:32 DJ Daemon explains the “Homer Simpson connection”.
01:13:55 Trackerartist – sp_pt315
01:16:14 DJ Daemon mentions our plans for the podcast in 2022.
01:16:51 Tonedeaf of Extreme – Sounds Of War
01:20:28 DJ Daemon lists what will disappear from this station in 2022.
01:21:21 Jason of Kefrens – Sound of winter
01:23:11 DJ Daemon points you to discord.io/tern.
01:23:36 Mr Real of Craze – Sceptic!
01:26:34 DJ Daemon Ericade.radio is now 100% done and works with both stations.
01:27:08 Lizardking of Silents – Whack-bonk
01:32:34 DJ Daemon wonders if tracker musicians are insane (and likes that)
01:33:14 Jason of Kefrens – Nitroglycerin
01:34.40 DJ Daemon thinks we don’t need fireworks. He has a screen saver!
01:35:15 Trackerartist – Waffle
01:37:58 DJ Daemon wonder if this is by AceMan (It most likely is not) and then talks about Omicron strain of Covid19.
01:38:53 The Weasel – Wanderlust
01:41:38 ericade.radio – With Swedish host and Retro-geek-quite-ordinaire Daemon behind the mike
01:41:47 DJ Daemon speaks about wanderlust and getting eaten by a bear.
01:42:12 Quicksilver – Vertical horizon
01:45:02 DJ Daemon goes off on a rant about the impossibility of a vertical horizon.
01:45:21 Fleshbrain – Sauron
01:50:02 DJ Daemon says goodbye of starts packing up his stuff.
01:50:39 Alpmar – Warm night and stars
01:53:32 ericade.radio – The leader in tracked music
01:53.40 Trackerartist – Shore
01:56:04 Trackerartist – Satanic
01:58:10 DJ Daemon leads you inte the good night.
01:58.26 ericade.radio – Point your browser to ericade.radio for more information
01:58:33 Jam master – While we’re waiting
01:59:58 ericade.radio – The leader in tracked music

Podcast: Flashback – tracks from the past

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