59. Numerology – Flashback, tracks from the past

The ERICADE Radio Network 2021-10-30

On today’s episode we go deep into the hard facts and questions about the music, the station and everything around it. Who’s the most popular artist, the the most hated tune and which countries bring the listeners? And is the Amiga still king of this station? DJ Daemon tells you like it is!

Corrections: “Vintage Vinyl” is by Roz, not Saga musix.

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past
00:06 DJ Daemon: As we’re about to enter November, let’s get caught up on all questions you have asked and really dig deep into the facts about the music and the artists you probably did not know. Like, what tunes do you really hate, how much of an Amiga station is this really and if you put all the songs in a row, would it reach to the moon?

00:32 Galgox – New world newcomer
04:57 DJ Daemon: There are no stupid questions, they say. Maybe not, but there are a lot of them that’s hard to answer. And I get them verbally, by Discord, email, or other means of communication. And I have a craving for cool statistics. The how much, when, and why of it all. So, let’s delve into the most popular artists, hated songs and where people are listening.

05:30 HyoChan – Snowflakes
10:18 DJ Daemon: Numbers are fun. So, let’s talk about the statistics. The tunes are the nuts and bolts of the whole operation and we have more than 83 hours of tracked music right now. 20 new tunes come in weekly and adds about 1 and a half hour of play time. Right now, the whole list contains 1611 tracks, and a track must wait at least 64 hours before it will be played again. Allister Brimble and Dr. Awesome have special permits and their tracks occur more often. The podcast always plays tracks never heard before on this station to show case the latest to you every week and the lists are published on our Discord channel.
11:11 GameOver – Level56 -eXtended version
15:22 DJ Daemon: Tracked music comes in many forms. From the original Amiga 4-channel modules to modern fast tracker and impulse tracker ones. The station only played Amiga tunes until spring this year and now accepts every kind of tracked format. Today, earlier 8bit SID and other older formats are not played with some notable exceptions. The classic Amiga modules constitute 63 % of the whole playlist. Next is Fasttracker with 24 %, followed by Impulsetracker at 10%. The different Med-formats make up the last 3%. The numbers are rounded off course.

16:09 Roz – Vintage Vinyl
19:46 DJ Daemon: So, who is listening then? We only have proper statistics since the last two months, but some parts of the world are more prolific than others. Here are the countries where people stay by their radios for a long time and frequently as well: Greece Sweden China Germany Kazakhstan Norway They’re not listed in any order, mind you, but says something: Europe is where it’s at, but China begs to differ. Next up: the songs we hate.

20:35 Ghidorah – Dreaming of you 2
24:02 DJ Daemon: I record the tune playing when people disconnect the stream, while also filtering out very short listening times and other misinformation. And here are the tunes that sticks out and make people turn off: Falcon-Nicolette Dr. Awesome – Cosmos Dr. Awesome-Bridge to the Univer… Amiga-Variations. Gopher-Of Myth and Legend. Amiga-Our Memories Amiga-nanopower Amiga-junglehunter. Not a complete list, but if we try to understand possible reasons, two things stick out: · They’re too long. A tune of 8-10 minutes or longer deters us. They sound bad. We like chords, synthy loops and nice melodies. Thrashy sounding instruments or a thin instrumentation is not to our liking.

25:06 Falcon of Pulse – inmost sympathy
31:10 DJ Daemon: We favor only Dr. Awesome and Allister Brimble. All other artists get equal time. But good artists have more tracks on the station and that ranks them higher when it comes to number of plays. Here are the top 10 most popular artists except the ones I just mentioned: 1. Drax 2. Jogeir Liljedahl 3. Lizardking 4. Moby 5. Roz 6. Xtd 7. Slaze 8. Elwood 9. Banana 10. The Master E1ghtbm

32:06 Mr Gamer of SoF – Mystic morning
37:18 DJ Daemon: That’s all the statistics I got for you right now. So, let’s switch to the questions: · What’s up with my wolf 2? Arpegiator’s “My wolf 2” was played by me at 3 am one time as I noted we called the hour between 3-4 in the morning “The Wolf’s hour”. This is because of it being connected with failures, fatigue, death, and the Chernobyl disaster. But the song is awesome and so are real wolves. It later became a joke and a sure indicator that I would broadcast later that day. Will Nicole come back? Unsure. She still speaks during breaks in the service and is the alert voice in the control room. But that’s not much, as I’m seldom work from home anymore. Nicole Carino has been great, and it’s possible I will call on her in the future to make great statements. Today it’s Jono Woodward who is the station voice, as I told you in an earlier episode of this podcast.

38:35 Beathoven – Dreaming of You
42:26 DJ Daemon: More questions? Sure! Why do some tracks suddenly stop? · And oldie, but a goldie! Right here and now I will proudly say: they don’t! I’ve gone through all the songs and fixed the CUE Outs, which is the correct name for the point at where a song will stop or begin to fade out. It’s taken quite a while, but all tracks added after august 2020 are now checked, normalized, and properly named with artists and track data where this has been possible to get this information. · Only 240 tracks are still not fully checked, as they originate from the first station. But they should be ok and will be validated as soon as possible.

43:21 Trackerartist – Joyride
47:10 DJ Daemon: When can I request a song? · Any time you want. Just go to discord.io/tern or drop me an email on radio@ericade.net. In a few weeks, you will be able to do so on our website and get the station to play them automatically. You can also point me to a tracked tune, and I will check it out. If it’s good enough, it will be added!
47:45 Angelo Badalamenti – Into the night
51:03 DJ Daemon: Time for the last question: I’m an artist, can you make a special program about me? · That’s likely a yes. You need to remember that I like to present good, tracked music artists on this podcast. · But I need you to be a tracked music artist. I will not consider remixes or music that is not tracked. · Also, you need a catalog of representative tunes that I can use. · They may not be copyrighted or illegal to broadcast. · I decide if you fit the station and podcast. · Also, the best of your songs will be put on the station if they fit.

51:50 TRiGGER – X-Pansion
55:42 DJ Daemon: Thanks for listening.

56:22 Mempheria of Starfusion – Into the stars
01:00:03 Awesome – NEwS-a-TRonIC
01:03:11 ericade.radio – Twentyfourserven non-stop tracked music

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