57. Deadline 2021, Germany calling – Flashback, tracks from the past

The ERICADE Radio Network 2021-10-16

Deadline 2021 was held in Germany between the 8th and 10th of October 2021. We run you through 13 tracked tunes and 8 old school ones. 75 minutes of retro artistery and some dry humour from DJ Daemon.

The show

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past
00:06 DJ Daemon: Thought the demo parties were done for 2021? You thought wrong. The signal this time come from Germany and the demo party is called Deadline 2021. You know the drill; we start with the tracked music compo and place 13 is held by Byteobserver and the tune is called “Back to the Polytope”. It gets 45 points.

00:33 byteobserver – 13. back to the polytope
02:56 DJ Daemon: Nice Fast tracker tune with some oddness to it. Next up is Apropos Agrippa by Gentleman that really gives us a very raw, rough and digital feel to it. Place 12 and 50 points.

03:12 Gentleman – 12. Apropos Agrippa
06:12 DJ Daemon: Cranksy comes in loud and clear at place 11 with Eye ood ee eye oonf. I’m sorry, if you come up with silly tune names, I get to laugh at them. 53 points awarded.

06:29 Cranksy – 11. Eye ood ee aye oonf
09:12 DJ Daemon: We have arrived at the REAL top list; you know the one that starts at place 10. Remind me to get a jingle for that. And here it’s Powergold1 that gives us the tune Monkcore. Pretty standard techno with a feeling that parts would fit a heavy action-oriented game. Sorry, almost forgot. 53 points.

09:36 powergold1 – 10. Monkcore
11:31 DJ Daemon: On place 9, we have an admission of guilt. The tune is called Monotone Lethargie. Artist MonoToni seems to undervaluate very soft and soothing tune that gets 56 points.

11:49 MonoToni – 9. Monotone Lethargie
14:16 DJ Daemon: Place 8 and ADKD seems like that grumpy old action-adventure movie hero saying, “I work alone”. The tune is called solitary work and get 56 points.

14:31 adkd – 8. Solitary work
18:03 DJ Daemon: Caramel of Proxima hits us with another Amiga four channel module called Slo-mo Hopscotch. I have middle east theme but otherwise it’s a pretty softcore techno beat. Really like this one and it gets 63 points.

18:24 Caramel of Proxima – 7. Slo-mo Hopscotch
20:33 DJ Daemon: So, the 70s are not back, nor is disco, in spite what mA2E of DSR seems to believe, as he has composed “Virtual Disco Chip”. It has zero disco feeling but loads of chiptune dito. This is one of the better chip tunes I’ve heard, and I like the softness of it. Points? Yup, 65 and it’s place 6.

21:03 mA2E of dS – 6. virtual disco chip
24:01 DJ Daemon: Look, there are tons of tracker tunes with dream in their names. So that’s nothing special, but “Dream” by RTS & Shexbeer of Addict does it exactly like it should be. I feel dreamy and soft and maybe a bit fluffy. 74 dreamy eyed points and place 5.

24:23 RTS and Shexbeer of Addict – 5. Dream
27:37 DJ Daemon: Place 4 and 93 points, close to the medals here folks! I wonder if the Germans are trying to sneak in some humour here by calling “Farbrauch” “Farcebrauch”, but it might just be a typo. Donny the Diskowboy has a very classic tracker tune feeling to it. It’s by RP of fartbrush, dishbrush, guybrush or something like that.

28:05 Rp^Farcebrauch – 4. Donny the Diskowboy
32:14 DJ Daemon: And so, let’s give it up for the third loooooser… Ehh… I mean third place and bronze medal. That would be Virgill of Alcatraz and Cherry Coke. 112 points awarded to very funky tune.

32:34 Virgill of Alcatraz – 3. Cherry coke.mod
35:26 DJ Daemon: Sulfur snake was born with a silver medal in its mouth as it gets second place. A tune that lives by it’s steady beat and methodic buildup of instruments. It’s by Teo of Focus design and rebels and get 114 points.

35:47 Focus design ^ rebels – 2. Sulfur Snake by teo
40:29 DJ Daemon: If it’s Bacter and Saga musix you can almost count on it being good. This one, with it’s softness and its flowing waves of chords really joins classic tracker music with a very 80s style to it. The winner gets 118 points.

40:50 Bacter + Saga Musix – 1. Ocean Paradise
44:55 DJ Daemon: Let’s leave the samplers behind and take a stroll down memory lane into the old school competition of Deadline 2021. Eight tunes, and on place 8, we have the struggle of Waking up by Kamson. It gets 71 brand new points as this is a new competition.

45:18 Kamson – O8. The Struggle of Waking Up
49:42 DJ Daemon speaks.

49:52 w4rp – O7. Hotel Breakfast
53:11 DJ Daemon speaks.

53:35 Florist – 06. Memory of a promise
56:29 DJ Daemon speaks.

56:47 Triace – O5. psycho chills
59:52 DJ Daemon speaks.

01:00:17 Barik – O4. Hopeless
01:04:18 DJ Daemon speaks.

01:04:38 Danko – O3. Los Ringos Modulatores
01:08:37 DJ Daemon speaks.

01:09:00 Dalezy of Triad – O2. Disznóklub
01:12:12 DJ Daemon speaks.

01:12:31 Maniacs of Noise – O1. Nihil Admirari
01:15:30 DJ Daemon: So, was the party any good? I dunno. Didn’t attend, which I generally actually try to do. This would have been a miss if regular listener Bittin_ hadn’t pointed it out to me. I really tried to attend as many demoparties as I could. But my time is limited, so of this one I cannot speak much. I watched the clips from the introduction, and everything looked professional and good. And the lineup. Mostly good, with no tunes put into the competition as a joke. Those are no fun to play, as the listeners won’t like it.

01:16:43 Johannes Krupp – Dreaming of you
01:19:16 DJ Daemon speaks.
01:19:25 ericade.radio – We love the demo scene

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