106. Two years in the bunker – Flashback, tracks from the past

The ERICADE Radio Network 2022-09-17

Two years on the air! They said it wasn’t possible – it couldn’t be done. And I proved them… Actually, no one said any of that. But the station is on and broadcasting 24/7. It’s been quite a year and let me, DJ Daemon tell you about all the stuff we’ve been through together.

One hour of the newest additions to the station of tracked music.

00:00 ericade.radio – Good evening, here is another hour of tracked music
00:06 DJ Daemon: Two years! On the 13th of September 2020, we started broadcasting. And we’re still on. We’ve talked about the creation of the station on a previous episode. So this hour is just a look back at all the mayhem, chaos, broken songs and also some the bad stuff that have happen.

00:30 Malmen – Flirt talk
03:09 DJ Daemon: better audio and why not a bit of recognition. Jono Woodward’s voice had replaced Nicole’s and the first version of the music database was already online. And it all was looking up.

03:56 Darkhalo – Nights
08:57 DJ Daemon: Our show and podcast, Flashback – tracks from the past, ran every week with few exceptions.

09:47 Coretex – Ascention
13:40 DJ Daemon: Getting the best sound was quite a challenge. I had already automated importing the tracker tunes, so they all had the same sound levels and track information. I also put a lot of effort in tuning the broadcast processor running the whole station. This almost got out of hand with countless evenings testing, trimming and measuring.

14:13 DNA-Groove – SDXB – #5
17:21 DJ Daemon: I decided to create an emergency playlist-generator in order to handle outages. It didn’t really end where I thought it would. Instead of a mere playlist generator, it became a station in its own right. It ran all the old shows and had news from Feature Story News every hour. Getting all that to work was quite an undertaking.

18:13 Tnk – Distant heavens
23:43 DJ Daemon: As I was no longer broadcasting live after August 2021, focus shifted towards developing the website and the database. I built the dashboards showing the operation of the station. It looked like the NASA space center in my 3 square meter work room. Screens, panels and cables everywhere.

24:16 Kerni – I am Tim Follin
28:02 DJ Daemon speaks: We’re celebrating two years a on the air.

28:15 Psirius – The Big Data
32:15 DJ Daemon: How would I know if the songs I play choose were unpopular? With the database I could rank the worst offenders by checking what was playing when people disconnected. But I decided to ask the listeners. And so was done by adding a Star-system, allowing users rate what was playing. It worked perfectly.

32:59 Tnk – Journey to Micronesia
37:20 DJ Daemon: There’s no way you can make our broadcast software, PlayIt live, to accept listener requests. This I was told. That was my “challenge accepted – hold my beer”-moment. Given the data we had, I built a Rube Golberg-esque machine that made the users able to search for songs. It made quite a splash on the Facebook-group with the other PlayIt Live broadcasters. I even got two offers to sell the solution.

38:11 Melcolm – Night Air
42:49 DJ Daemon: During 2022, the show started focusing on the music and the demo parties over stortytelling. I created a series of episodes showcasing different genres of music. I also improved audio quality and threw out all Amiga-tunes twice to remaster them with better sound. They’re all now pretty darn well-sounding and in mono. Problem finally solved.

43:30 MpjV – Banger (temporary name)
46:56 DJ Daemon speaks presents today’s only medley.

47:20 Ida – Disco
48:59 Virgill – Atariklang 4k
50:50 Wito – Pride
52:47 DJ Daemon thanks you for listening. Leading you into that good night is…

53:20 Oleg Dunaev – Wind From Wild Places
56:22 ericade.radio – Coming to you taped from a bunker in northern Stockholm
56:28 DJ Daemon we’re on ericade.radio.

01:01:12 Panter of Peon – Into A Dream
01:02:16 Malmen and Xaimus – Moonlit memory

Podcast: Flashback – tracks from the past

Retro memories mixed with current demo scene events and artist coverage

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