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New stuff Amiga Flashback doing well, for a podcast with no listeners. The N-series of tunes are now in play. Forndata went well but I got “Whammed” with “Last Christmas”! Except it was just a dream and then I woke up in the shover with Victoria Principal. My life is weird. Downtime OOM-kill nuked the […]

New stuff Amiga Flashback is here! As a podcast and a weekend program. Heatsinks installed for the NVME-disks. Coolness everywhere… Downtime A loose cable killed the station between Saturday 3 AM to 1 PM. Some work done… Errata None Events… Forndata is coming:You can join us on our Twitch livestream at https://www.twitch.tv/forndata from 16:00 (GMT+1) […]

Second advent is here and christmas obviously as we enter week 50. The station soldiers on into the next year… New stuff Datormagazin Retro number 4 is out. Great! 93 new songs covering K, L and M was added this week (49) Better powermanagement with auto-cpufreq No updates for YT background Twitch and YT remains […]

Merry Xmas to ya’all. Sweden is going for Corona lockdown-ish. With rules like at a maximum eight people at the same time, no alcohol after 10 pm in pubs and non-essential travels to Sweden must be stopped. Also we’re leaving November (Jay!). New stuff – Broadcasting server moved to virtual machine which caused some troubles […]

Still rolling forward into the juletide season that will start in a few weeks… New stuff – Added 60 modules to the rotation. They start with the letter G, H, I and J.– YouTube stream looks totally different as well. Much nicer and cooler.– YouTube stream is in mono and shouldn’t scare your ears anymore […]

Moving into a more quiet part of the fall. So here’s what has been happening this week: – Did some security and load testing – Trimmed some of the modules – Setup better monitoring – Fixed an old camera for better video for the vlogs Downtime: – Thursday at midnight (20 min) – Sunday morning […]

On time this week! I speak about what has happened: The new Intel NUC is alive and handling the load. legacy.ericade.net is good to listen over http for old programs like AmigaAMP. (try: http://legacy.ericade.net:8000/stream/1/) TERN now supports sending track names through Shoutcast! Good for xAmp, VLC, Screamer Radio et al. I have seen David Jacoby’s […]

Ohh.. This was recorded on Wednesday and released, today on Thursday. Am I lazy or what? Some of the stuff that happened last week: More songs New jingles Some of them: Another visitor … Welcome to The ERICADE Radio Network …  Stay a while … Stay forever. The ERICADE Radio Network – it’s news time […]

Yes, I'm lazy. What else is new? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz6TK9NDNgw Freezing on my balcony.
The control room... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRpU5hXWnv0&t=19s Looking happy for a change...

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Choose your station below. We give you tracked music 24/7 or the Best of Ericade.radio with podcasts, interviews, news and tracked music.