Fallout, how I love thee! Let me count the ways 1,2,Tactics,3,New Vegas,4… Let’s just end there… DJ Daemon was inspired by Fallout to create his own voice acted radio station, but wisely choose to create this one instead. It’s sad if you voice act some old man screaming in the radio from a bunker, and […]

It took some time, but now, the podcast episode that covers Edison Party 2021. It ran from the 9th until the 11th of July 2021 and DJ Daemon was there in person, broadcasting live. This episode will give you the whole tracked music compo from the last position to the winner, with a short note […]

GubbData 2021 is still running as I write this, but the demo compo was yesterday and gave six artists a change to really show their Amiga tracker talents. In this show I play them all and also comment on GubbData and the compo. UPDATE: This final results are now in: First place – Slaze – […]

On wednesday, a major part of the station failed mid-broadcast. The station was back an hour later, but left the recording desk inoperable. DJ Daemon has fixed up enough of it to allow the podcast to be made. But no time for cool stories. It’s about the music and some upcoming features. Covered: – New […]

Forndata 2021 Summer is over and brought a lot of joy to the demoworld from Visby in Sweden. It was off course online only, but presented demo-, C64- and tracked music compos as you’d expect from a true demo party. The start was on time and there were few problems until the OctaMed-tune from heck […]

Today we talk about the pirates! Not the Errol Flynn type, but rather the community of Warez Doodz and crackers are under scrutiny here. DJ Daemon delves into this from a Swedish perspective. I know I may seem negative to the warez community, but that’s mostly the warez BBSes which used to have a mentality […]

From France comes the Shadow party 2021 and between 2021-05-21 and 2021-05-23 the virtual doors opened for a brand new demo party. We jumped at the chance to broadcast the tunes the same day they competed, so we did not know who had won. But we know now: The winners: 1) TDTTDHAD – The Demo […]

The ERICADE Radio Network is now officially a true tracker music broadcaster and not limited to just Amiga modules. With this change, it’s time to look back at what tracker music is and delve into its rich history. From Karsten Obarsky and the Ultimate Soundtracker on the Amiga and to todays Fast Tracker multi channel […]

The future of the station? Is it so bright we have to wear shades. Maybe not, but there are a number of interesting things going on: The door is open for ALL kind of tracker music, ever if it’s strictly not said Amiga. Impulsetracker modules with 64 channels will not run on the Amiga, but […]

So, it was not meant to be… Most that compete, fail. That’s the rule of most games. Jack Tramiel named his company “Commodore” (a navy rank) as he throught the computer business was a war. Today we commemorate the failures, because they weren’t often not bad, just unsuccessful. From the ilfated Amiga 600 to the […]

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Choose your station below. We give you tracked music 24/7 or the Best of Ericade.radio with podcasts, interviews, news and tracked music.