Deadline and Flashparty are still underway, and while waiting, lets chillax (=chill and relax) and just enjoy the music. Not much speech, but still some news:

On the show:
– Deadline and Flash party are soon over and next week we’ll have the music.
– Will the become a hit among cyberpunks?
– We sound even better now. (Not me, come on, the music!)
– A better website is coming.

Here is the story of the station. And to sum it up: “…you cannot learn faster than when you had the listener logs updating in front of you. When that well-thought-out diatribe against that pesky computer called an “Atari” hit the air, and I saw people disconnecting. That was an immediate “Ouch, dammit”-moment right there.”. Now you know. Or, you can read the whole article and get a good laugh out of it all. It sure has been a crazy ride.

We’re currently uploading remasterings of all our older tunes. This has to be done because we were notified that some songs were not playing correctly. All Impulsetracker-tunes have been put back into the station and the Fasttracker-tunes are slowly coming back. There may be tracks now that cuts of abruptly until I’ve had the time […]

I’m proud to call this a radio station, which may weird, when everyone else thinks of streaming music as little more than a playlist generator. This is not wrong, but it is missing why a true radio station is so much more than Spotify’s radio feature or a YouTube-channel promising “Synthwave, chipwave, retrowave … something, something the dark side”.


Oh, anyway. What makes a radio station, is exactly what makes any radio station just that.

Autumn is here and the leaves are falling of the trees. So, time to slow down and enjoy some good musical styles from the 90s truth the trackers running on Amigas, Ataris and PC. DJ Daemon is the voice in the night, leading you through upbeat tunes and melodious niceness.

So enjoy an hour of great tracked music and your favourite beverage.

Another chill episode! We had one last autumn, and another one here and now. delivers the smoothest, softest and calmest tracks you can wish for. And DJ Daemon talks about the artists, the comments and the music.

Tired due to a heavy work weekend and in a need for some silly fun! So, that’s what’s up for dinner on this show. We only eat the dessert today. Pointless, comical and really enjoyable songs like pirate shanties, parodies and sample heaven (hell?).

On Friday the 11th of December 2020, I made a one hour long show on this station. It was without a name and I soon wanted to continue producing more of those shows. I thought about naming it after what I call the hours between 9pm and 11pm: the “golden hours”. It’s a time of […]

Ok. So what’s up. Not much. Have had a busy week with some crunch time and not much sleep. This week will be better.. Or ? Come back next week and I’ll tell you. To summarize: Found Slay radio again and they’re great. No new songs… Sorry… Can’t get inspiration for the new jingle package. […]



The mixing console replaced and the compressor working. So it’s looking up a bit. Hopefully, soon, I will get the new stuff in.

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Choose your station below. We give you tracked music 24/7 or the Best of with podcasts, interviews, news and tracked music.