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Today, it’s a another walk down memory lane of some stupid mistakes done by me and others when working with old computers. What about shorting out a poor C64, backing up all non-important stuff instead of the needed files, running DCopy 4.1 and nuking the disk and making the power lead fit.. upside down. 00:00 […]

One year on the AIR! Celebration is in order. DJ Daemon tells you the story of a station that loves the demo scene and the tracked tunes. 00:00 – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past 00:06 DJ Daemon speaks: On the 13th of September 2020, in the year of […]

From Finland, to… Argentina. It was time for Flashparty 2021 coming to your sofa from Buenes Airos. In this episode you get 14 streamed contestants and 4 tracked tunes in two compos than ran on that demo party. Note: I’ve cut some of the songs down, due to not fitting the station and podcast format. […]

Jumalauta 2021 is over and brought 15 contestants to the tracked music demo scene. All parties have their style and Jumalauta had a rather informal feel to the music. Some is seriously crafted with nice chords and heavy beats, whereas others are just joking around. The winner really took some liberties with the concept of […]

This is the first episode in a two episode story about the Bulletin Board System (BBS) era seen from a Swedish perspective. Follow DJ Daemon through the late 70s, through the Wechselmann-indictment to the discussion about Anita Bondestam and her weird moped analogy. It covers the era between 1978 to the early 1990s. 00:00 LIVE […]

Arok Party 2021 is over and the autumn season is now inaugurated. A strong line up with 15 awesome remixes and 5 great C64 tracked tunes, coming directly from the compos. This has been great and DJ Daemon goes through the list that contains a weird Thriller-esque remix, someone trying to start his car and […]

It’s not Dr. Awesome! Today we play almost entirely Victor Vergara’s tracker music. Mr Vergara called himself “Awesome” back in the day and is still active under the name “Awezoom”. In this hour, DJ Daemon, sheds a little light on who he is, his involvement in the demo scene and who he dedicates all his […]

In the early 1980s, the people of Sweden had to be taught to program! This was the next step. In many ways, this ended up bearing fruit and the 8-bit computers taught a generation to become developers, demo creators and it-architects. But it didn’t happen the way everyone expected: through the joys of Basic. DJ […]

All hobbies and fields create their own slang. The retro world has a gigantic library of words for the skilled, the unskilled and various computers and programs. DJ Daemon digs through words and the cool explanations that really makes you understand the attitude of true hackers. Not the kind that breaks into stuff, but the […]

Fallout, how I love thee! Let me count the ways 1,2,Tactics,3,New Vegas,4… Let’s just end there… DJ Daemon was inspired by Fallout to create his own voice acted radio station, but wisely choose to create this one instead. It’s sad if you voice act some old man screaming in the radio from a bunker, and […]

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