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Syntax Party 2021 went live on the 27th of November and closed its doors on the 28th. DJ Daemon gives you a great lineup of the tracked music compo entries from Australia’s premier demo party that runs annually. Since the winner had not yet been announced, we give you our own lineup, setup to give […]

Where in the world is DJ Daemon? Answer: in Stockholm’s northern grave yard, putting out the heavy tracked tunes for the undead, dead and living. In this outdoor broadcast, that was cut short due to battery issues rather than Zombies, you get some banter but mostly the greatest tracked music. Links: – Demos from […]

Epic space battle warfare and music is what this hour is all about! More specifically: Wing Commander 1 and tracked music with ONLY epic symphonies. Nothing sounds thin today as we dig into the first installment of the Wing Commander series and try to see if the game stands up to today’s standards. So sit […]

I have long wanted to create an episode with my favourite tracks and when Coreus from Discord suggested a number of his own tracks he wanted on the station and played, it was clear that this just had to happen. So today is his requests and then the tunes I really like. So sit back […]

Halloween was last weekend here in Sweden and today it’s All Saints’ day. So the episode is about both the silly and “safe” scares and horrors of Halloween and the somber feelings of the Saint’s day and remembrance of relatives and friends that are nolonger with us. The show zig-zags between the funny and the […]

On today’s episode we go deep into the hard facts and questions about the music, the station and everything around it. Who’s the most popular artist, the the most hated tune and which countries bring the listeners? And is the Amiga still king of this station? DJ Daemon tells you like it is! Corrections: “Vintage […]

And this is where our story of the Swedish BBS-era must end: with the story of the wander in the desert and how the boards made a small come back when we were all old enough to become nostalgic. I also want to thank Fabian Norlin, Sysop for “Fabbes BBS” for giving me statistics and […]

Deadline 2021 was held in Germany between the 8th and 10th of October 2021. We run you through 13 tracked tunes and 8 old school ones. 75 minutes of retro artistery and some dry humour from DJ Daemon. The show 00:00 – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past 00:06 […]

This is the second out of three episodes, talking about the BBS era in Sweden. We’ve hit the 90s and lead you towards the sunset of the BBS scene and the Internet taking over. But this journey is an hour, so we will cover who the typical BBS-user might have been, why the some hated […]

Presenting Mr Electric Demon – an old hand on tracked music. In this session, we will give you an hour of some of his best work. Both sampled and chip-tunes along with his own story and demo scene career as told by DJ Daemon. Links Listen to his music directly here: About the man […]

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