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GERP 2022 was held in Skövde in Sweden and presented most of what you want of from a demoparty when it comes to music. You got chiptunes and modtunes off course. But also Virgills new “AmigaKlang” was used for some of the executable tunes. Great music, with many fit for platform games that never were.

Today’s tracked music genre is … Drumroll …. Popmusic. It’s the music that is easily seen as nondescript and generic. But actually, the collection in ModArchive, is quite good. And it’s an hour with soft and nice tunes from talented artists as presented by DJ Daemon.

Coreus compiled a list of suggested tunes and this just had to become a sequel to the episode called “a toplist of our own”. So we did and DJ Daemon talks about the tunes and plays them.

Tired due to a heavy work weekend and in a need for some silly fun! So, that’s what’s up for dinner on this show. We only eat the dessert today. Pointless, comical and really enjoyable songs like pirate shanties, parodies and sample heaven (hell?).

Burn, baby, burn – it’s the disco inferno. DJ Daemon puts you on the dance floor! Bell bottoms and mustaches are in! The 70s and early 80s are back in a way. Let’s play the disco music (muzak?) and laugh at 70s porn (Oh, yeah!) and crazy hinjinks on the dance floor. The tracked music community delivers as always.

Tonight we’re rocking it! An hour with music that fills the tracks with heavy gitar sounds and a pumping rhythm. Set your volume control to 11 and get ready to practise your world-famous air guitarr in front of the mirror.
DJ Daemon spins the diskettes.

Last week it was classic music. And today DJ Daemon lets his hair down. What little he has left, that is. It’s time for a party at the barn. It will go on until the cows come home, if anyone is still standing, that is. Today, we play bluegrass and country and western, as envisioned by the scene’s tracked artists.

We did a jazz-episode last summer, so inspired from that, we now look into the big collection of classic tunes and classic sounding tunes made on all kinds of trackers on PCs and Amigas. It’s soft piano concerts and big symphonies. DJ Daemon talks a bit about the tunes and reads comments from users on […]

Yesterday “Cheesy Listening” hit the retro world like a bombshell. A brand new music disk with Virgill rocking it with lots of new chip tunes. Today DJ Daemon gives you the best of a that music disk AND the previous projekt of Virgill, Chipo Django. Which is the better music collection for the Commodore Amiga. One rocking mouse goes up against a raven looking back at him.

“Just one more turn” has been the bane of students, people with work in the morning and anyone looking for some sleep. DJ Daemon tells you the story of Sid Meiers Civilization 1 and the stories of a brutal and violent Gandhi, how the game seemed hard to learn for the first seconds and then […]

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