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Shadow party 2022 ended last Sunday and brings a rather meager list of tunes. But we get three great streamed ones and two tracked that, alas, are not up to standard for this station. But DJ Daemon gives you the streamed compo and then switches to a modarchive curated playlist with soft melodious tune and […]

While waiting for the Shadow party tunes (will be next week’s episode), we’re playing the latest highlighted tunes of ModArchive. DJ Daemon talks about them and gives you two nice medleys of shorter ones. Turn up the volume, here comes the good stuff to your speakers.

Forndata Summer 2022 started at 6 pm and went on until midnight. It was scaled back due to few people wanting to attend in person. But it went live on Twitch instead and was everything we come to expect from it. DJ Daemon plays the two contestant song and then talks about the interviews and the future for Forndata.

This show was broadcast before the demoparty ended and thus we cannot talk about every part of it. has a small, but active community that makes sure tracked music is saved for posterity. It has all the superb, awesome, great, good, mediocre, dismal and horrible music that the scene has composed. Or at least a lot of it. How do you know what good and what is not? Stars! The community awards points between 1-10 to everything they can.

Today, DJ Daemon does another show based on the last weeks highest rated song sand talks about them and the comments. The songs can be made on any computer and be old or brand new.

Vangelis. The man behind Chariots of fire, Conquest of Paradise and the music in Bladerunner has left us. On the 17th of May, he concluded his work leaving it to posterity. DJ Daemon celebrates the man by simply playing songs from tracked music artists that clearly must have been inspired by him.

Love is in the air and we’re nowhere near Valentine’s day. But this hour, let’s note all the tracks on getting the love in form of high ratings and generous comments right at this moment. DJ Daemon plays the music the sceners are talking about right now. The tunes themselves are all new, old or somewhere in between.

A typical piano has 88 keys spanning seven octaves. It has an almost magic versatility and is hard to get sounding right when sampling it. Today’s tracked music artists tackle this huge task with great results most of the time. DJ Daemon showcases some of the best ever made and talks about them.

Another chill episode! We had one last autumn, and another one here and now. delivers the smoothest, softest and calmest tracks you can wish for. And DJ Daemon talks about the artists, the comments and the music.

Revision Demoparty 2022 was last week, and now DJ Daemon has caught up! Here’s an hour with all the songs from the tracked music competition and two entries from the other compos. All narrated by DJ Daemon who loves some and… eh… Thinks less of some.

Roll up! Roll up! A good time is guarranteed for all.

Two guys in front of their own trackers, collaborating over the Internet and eventually moving to the same town in the Netherlands. They are Xylo (Tom Offringa) and Cerror (Roel Heerspink). Together they have created a number of albums under the name #Xyce, with VUE being the latest. Today, DJ Daemon, goes through three of the previous albums, Classeur, Pop and Mosaik.

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