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Assembly is a famous Finnish demo party that started 30 years ago. That’s SGT Peppers lonely hearts club band and then ten more years.

DJ Daemon gives you the tracked music and the highest rated entries of the “listening competition”. So, put on your headphones and listen to brand new tracked music.

A few songs that are not up to our standard, have been cut to just a short “sample”.

Episode 100! From December 2020 until today, it’s been quite a ride. But no need to get all misty eyed about it. DJ Daemon instead spends this hour exploring two tracker music oddities: the AHX and HVL formats.

So expect more chiptunes today, as both those formats were born to excel in that way.

Edison Party 2022 has left the building in Eggebygård in Stockholm, Sweden after three days of the sceners battling it out with trackers, compilers and drawing programs. We got the tracked music toplist and four of the best streamed tunes from the party.
DJ Daemon delivers commentary and all the music for your listening pleasure!

In the middle of the hot summer of 2022, two sysops met over the Internet and started talking retrocomputing, the Amiga, the demo scene and the horrors of overheating modems and why you valued what you downloaded more back in the day. In this episode, DJ Daemon and Hravnkel also selects their favorite Amigatunes from the 90s and talk about why they like them so much.

Hravnkel is an old ascii artist whose first BBS lasted two hours. But he started a new, modern one called “This old cabin” in 2017.

DJ Daemon used to be part of the demo group Eternal in 1994-97 as a sysop.

Both are fans of Commodore, the Amiga and the C64.

The middle of July until early August is what I call the “fly-over” territories of the summer. You just pass through them while enjoying your life. I go back to work tomorrow but hope for some more vacation in a few weeks.

So relax a few more days, when the weather is great and there are few things going on.

Talk about a scheduling conflict! Gubbdata in Sweden and Arok in Hungary both ran on the 1st to 3rd of July 2022. DJ Daemon solved it by waiting for the songs to arrive, so now we have 17 competing tracks from both demo parties.

It’s gonna be a great hour of six Amiga tunes, eight remixes and three C64 pure SIDs.

This Discord-channel is connected to the station! You can search for artists, tunes and information! We even have an automatic request-function, if you can’t wait to hear your favourites again! This is the same as on the website, but now on Discord. /nowplaying1 – What’s playing on 24/7 tracked tunes. /nowplaying2 – What’s playing on […]

Vacation is here and everything is warmer and life goes slower for a while. So settle down and listen to music with a “happy”-theme. Because we’re all happy to have some free time.

DJ Daemon gives you an hour of nice tunes and also two brand new ones by Slaze, just released!

Left in the trenches of the baking city of Solna is DJ Daemon hiding deep in his bunker, and keeping anyone within the reach of the broadcast with a good supply of tracked summer music from the golden retro days of computing.

Last year it was storytelling. Now, it’s music and some stories.

The drink you can do while broadcasting. Just don’t drink it near the mixing console.

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