100. Synth oddity – Flashback, tracks from the past

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Episode 100! From December 2020 until today, it’s been quite a ride. But no need to get all misty eyed about it. DJ Daemon instead spends this hour exploring two tracker music oddities: the AHX and HVL formats.

So expect more chiptunes today, as both those formats were born to excel in that way.

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for Flashback, tracks from the past – with your host DJ Daemon
00:06 DJ Daemon: 100 episodes! I did not know we would get there. But we did. No time for celebration. Today, we give you songs from two tracked formats we generally don’t play: HivelyTracker Audio and Symponie. I will explain, but first, let’s hear what HivelyTracker can do! 26s
00:27 Charles Ingalls of Genesis Project – Highscore musiikkia saunassa

01:58 DJ Daemon speaks: According to the Kodi wiki: “Hively Tracker is a tracker program based upon the AHX format created in the mid ’90s by Dexter and Pink of Abyss. The format was relatively popular, and many songs were created and used in scene productions and games. AHX was designed to create a very SID-like sound on the Amiga.” So, meant for chiptune sounds, then. Let’s talk AHX, but first, some music. 51s
02:43 Larph – All fuses blown

08:02 DJ Daemon speaks: So Hively tracker is an improved AHX format. This asks the obvious question: what is AHX? According to their website: “AHX is a protracker-like music editor that was designed especially to create C64-like synthetic tunes. There is no support for sampled instruments as chip tunes are made to be as small in size as possible.” It’s a rather odd format, and we only have a few of these on the station. Five are added today, by the way as you will hear. 51s
08:43 Alex Man – Ocean

12:44 DJ Daemon wants to up the tempo a bit with the next song. 25s
13:04 Ctriz – Gmz

16:53 DJ Daemon notes that we have to play the formats we talk about. So here are two AHX-tunes. 24s
17:09 Jazzcat of Ghostown – Jaded lights

19:54 DJ Daemon: if you like what you’re listening to, go to ericade.radio for more. 11s
19:59 Jazzcat – New ghost in town

23:04 DJ Daemon gives you some more AHX-tunes. 20s
23:18 Jerry of Desire – Smooth Talker

26:54 DJ Daemon mentions the just ended demo parties Assembly, Evoke and Atwoods summer open air. They will hopefully be covered on an upcoming episode. 32s
27:20 Josss – Sunny soul

30:39 DJ Daemon talks about “Demo scene report” from PSEnough and recommds people watching it. 35s
31:08 M of Useless – Sunday

33:43 DJ Daemon speaks explains that he is in northern Sweden right now. 37s
34:13 Varthall of Up Rough – Szabo Tours 1.1

37:26 DJ Daemon talks about this being episode 100. 39s
37:58 Manwe of SandS – Waiting for Julia

43:07 DJ Daemon: let’s go on with another Hively tracker tune. 22s
43:23 Trackerartist – Galactic emeralds

46:00 DJ Daemon talks about the retro wave on Youtube (again). 35s
46:28 Yelm of Zymosis – Fake

48:33 DJ Daemon:Yelm gets another chance. 20s
48:47 Yelm of Zymosis – Huulis2

50:54 DJ Daemon asks you to send suggestions for people to interview. 38s
51:26 Vhiiula – Destin: La Lune

54:09 DJ Daemon thanks you for listening and leading you into that good night is… 29s
54:32 ASIKWUSpulse – The Door Game

56:50 ericade.radio – With Swedish host and Retro-geek-quite-ordinaire Daemon behind the mike
56:59 DJ Daemon: “Go to ericade.radio”. 13s
57:07 Maran project – Piano in flames

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