99. Welcome to the jungle (Edison Demo party 2022) – Flashback, tracks from the past

Written by on 2022-07-30

Edison Party 2022 has left the building in Eggebygård in Stockholm, Sweden after three days of the sceners battling it out with trackers, compilers and drawing programs. We got the tracked music toplist and four of the best streamed tunes from the party.
DJ Daemon delivers commentary and all the music for your listening pleasure!

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for Flashback, tracks from the past – today with another demo party top list
00:07 DJ Daemon: Edison demo party ended last week and we got stuff to play for you!
DJ Daemon here, coming out of the jungle with 14 tracks freshly caught in Stockholm, Sweden. Among the participants is one person I never expected to hear a new tune from. A true legend. 24s
00:25 Proper disco – Good Enough

03:39 DJ Daemon presents the show. 12s
03:45 ericade.radio – Flashback, track from the past – let the toplist begin
03:51 DJ Daemon: Let’s get it rolling! The first tune of this list gets place 15 and 70 points. DuckLight has a method he is proud of. It’s called “30sec Without listening”. That’s how he made the song, what it’s called and how it sounds. 22s
04:10 Ducklight – 30sec without listening

04:36 DJ Daemon: Here is some truth in advertisement!. Place 14 is a tune called “Unimpressive 2channel Piece of Crap” and it’s by M0onLight. 86 points. 28s
04:48 M0onLight – Unimpressive 2channel Piece of Crap

06:11 DJ Daemon: Third Fasttracker tune in the list. This is place 13 and “Sad song” by Trumpet-trespass. It gently weeps for not making the top 10 part of the list. 98 points. 20s
06:24 Trumpetrespas – Sad Song

08:38 DJ Daemon: You want simple and effective old style Nintendo-ish music? I know I do. And “Welcome 2 the Bungle” by Vilcans of Five Finger Punch delivers! 133 points. 24s
08:55 Vilcans of Five Finger Punch – Welcome to 2 bungle

11:39 DJ Daemon: Emily R Davey tells a cute story that sets the record straight on Atari users. Hyperunknown of Noice mixes bed room storytelling with soft techno. Amuzing tune that hits place 11 at 145 points. 24s
11:57 Hyperunknown of Noice – Goatnight Story

15:12 ericade.radio – Tenth place
15:15 DJ Daemon: If you heard the promotions for Edison demoparty on this station, you have heard Jor-El’s voice. Now time to hear his music. The tune is called “Growing up” and gets 152 points. 41s
15:34 Jor-el – Edison 2022

17:39 ericade.radio – Ninth place
17:41 DJ Daemon: We all need to remember how the tunes used to sound in the mid 90s. Wasp of Pacific and Powerline provides a great example. Brand new, but sounding the part. It’s Pegasi 51. 22s
17:58 Wasp of PACiF!C and Powerline – Pegasi 51 (1996)

20:02 ericade.radio – Eighth place
20:04 DJ Daemon: Bach would not have approved of what has been done to his tunes. But I do! Amiga 4-channels. It’s techno meets classic and hilarity ensues! Amiga junglism of Up rough gets 156 point of “Bach to basics”. 42s
20:24 Amiga Junglism of Up Rough – Bach to basics

24:49 ericade.radio – Seventh place
24:51 DJ Daemon: 90s reigns supreme in the next tune. Vocals, techno and samplings. 156 points to Krdn of Defiance and “Get down, behave”. 19s
25:02 Krdn – Get down, behave

27:50 ericade.radio – Fifth place
27:52 DJ Daemon: nother voice heard on this station. It’s one of the orgas, fsFreak with “Concrete skeletons”. 164 points to a tune with nice choirs and soft techno. It’s a shared place 5, no error there. 20s
28:08 Fsfreak – Concrete Skeletons

30:57 ericade.radio – Fifth place
30:59 DJ Daemon: “Jungle attack” from Qlint of FCK sounds like an old Texas Instrument home computer tune. It’s weird and oddly attractive. It’s chip tune, with a ghostly feeling to it. 165 points and also place five. 23s
31:17 Qlint – jungleattack

34:02 ericade.radio – Fourth place
34:05 DJ Daemon: Lets go with a heavenly chiptune called “Monkey love” from Gr0gg0 of FCK. 177 points and sounds like the 80s just came on shot a visit. 21s
34:17 gr0gg0 of FCK – Monkey Love

36:21 ericade.radio – Third place – Bronze medal
36:24 DJ Daemon: More chip tunes. This is “Moskow Funnygames” by Vandelay and it could have fit in a computer game. The filename is moskowfu.it, which means that it’s an Impulsetracker tune. 185 points and it puts a big smile on my face.
36:45 Vandelay of Kramerica – Moskow funnygames

39:17 ericade.radio – Second place – Silver medal
39:20 DJ Daemon: Chip tune party, folks! Yes, we just can get enough of them it seems. Vedder of Insane pokes fun at the Revision demo party I guess. The tune is called “Revisioned and confused”. 218 points. 21s
39:36 Vedder of Insane – Revisioned and confused

43:39 ericade.radio – First place – The Gold! – The Winner
43:47 DJ Daemon: It starts by imitating the intro to the movie 1984 and then reaches peak Amiga tracker-tune and does our tracker history true justice. A well-deserved victory for Fairlight’s own Danko and also for legendary musician Jogeir Liljedahl. Awesome end of the party. 219 points. 57s
44:13 Danko and Jogeir Liljedahl – 1992

48:17 DJ Daemon: That was the tracked compo, we got time to give you the three medal positions from the Streaming competition in this hour as well. 16s
48:26 ericade.radio – Third place – Bronze medal
48:29 DJ Daemon: Krdn is here again with “The minds of Siracan”. 204 points in a brand new compo. 39s
48:38 Krdn of Defiance – The minds of Siracon (ba,ba sing it)

51:45 ericade.radio – Second place – Silver medal
51:48 DJ Daemon: What is it with the demo scene and goats? Hyperunknown gets 205 points for his tune “Happy summer goat”. 25s
51:59 Hyperunknown – Happy Summer Goat

53:36 ericade.radio – First place – The Gold! – The Winner
53:44 DJ Daemon: Danko of Fairlight hits the jackpot with Spielplatz at 223 points. 31s
53:53 Spielplatz – Danko

57:48 DJ Daemon: Leading you into that good night is… 23s
58:04 AceMan – Wonka Honk

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