85. Revision 2022, The right stuff – Flashback, tracks from the past

Written by on 2022-04-23

Revision Demoparty 2022 was last week, and now DJ Daemon has caught up! Here’s an hour with all the songs from the tracked music competition and two entries from the other compos. All narrated by DJ Daemon who loves some and… eh… Thinks less of some.

Roll up! Roll up! A good time is guarranteed for all.

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past
00:07 DJ Daemon: So here we are! This hour is 100% Revision 2022. The demo party that went live last weekend. As you come to expect, here is the top list from the tracked music compo. Presented by your host, DJ Daemon. 16 tracks, and what do you get? You get Come down by Bathroom Key featuring Paintcast and feline frequencies. 491 points and place 15.

00:40 Bathroom Key and Paintcaster of Feline Frequencies – Comedown
03:01 DJ Daemon: We must step on it, because there are many tracks to go. Next is place 14 and it’s Defilus with the song Torpedo rodeo. It sounds like there is a 8-bit game tune in there that got churned through a meat grinder and glued together by someone that sniffed half of it. 525 points.

03:25 Defilus – Torpedo rodeo
06:23 DJ Daemon: Next song up to play… Seems like white noise is the new black. Okkie of Dekadance is very honest when he calls his creation “This crap is broken”. No argument there. It’s at least interesting, I give it that. 571 points and place 13.

06:45 Okkie of Dekadence – This shit broke!
10:19 DJ Daemon: On place 12 we find Rainer of Digital Fishpullover. That group name is a winner in my book. Why select boring and predictable when you can join the demo group Digital Fishpullover. Song is called “Rhapsody in pretty stupid colors”. It starts out raspy, but then gets captivatingly beautiful. 587 points.

10:46 RAiNER of Digital Fishpullover – Rhapsody in pretty stupid colors
14:11 DJ Daemon: You know me, I’m a sucker for soft and melodious songs with nice synth chords. Roz of Fit and Byterapers delivers exactly that with the song called “Lonelies”. 606 points and place 11.

14:28 Roz of Fit and Byterapers – Lonelies
16:40 DJ Daemon: Raiden of Satori is all over the place with Claustrophobic Effect on place 10. It’s soft, it’s hard. It’s techno, it’s gaming music, it’s whatever it wants to be. This nets it 621 points.

16:58 Raiden of Satori – Claustrophobic effect
20:27 DJ Daemon: The next song is fascinating to me, as it seems to have an effect that sounds like an overactive audio compressor. But other than that, it sounds very classic Amiga. Except it isn’t as it was created with Fasttracker. It’s Fngl with the song “Cruising Pangaea” on place 9 with 634 points.

20:51 FNGL – Cruising pangaea
22:59 DJ Daemon: Honestly, I get more and more sure that Curt Cool is a promise of interesting, tracked tunes. He creates good stuff that has a very distinctly unique feeling to them. And “Diskthief” is exactly like that. He is a member of Depth and Nah-Kolor and gets 646 points and place 9.

23:22 Curt Cool of Depth and Nah-Kolor – Diskthief
26:14 DJ Daemon: Slaze is next with “The ark of untruths”. Nice to see something new from him as he is genuinely good artist and a bit of a friend of the station so to speak. The tune has a nice techno-feel with a sad melody that turns up in the middle. Place 7 and 654 points.

26:34 Slaze of Defiance, Hokuto Force, Starz – The ark of untruths
29:27 DJ Daemon: Next song makes use of heavy samplings that are extremely “trashy”. Everything is distorted, giving a rough feeling even when it’s trying to sound soft and mellow. Kinda cool. It’s Assassin of Void and Do not press. It obviously pressed the right buttons to get to place 6 at 672 points.

29:53 Assassin of Void – Do not press
32:14 DJ Daemon: It’s a tie. And it’s not even close to Father’s Day. 672 points for Revision X by XTD. It gets a shared position at place 6 with “Do not press”. an upbeat tune.

32:32 XTD – Revision X
34:38 DJ Daemon: I made an episode of this podcast all about e!ghtbm and noted he was at every chart! And off course he joined Revision, giving us a nice and moody tune that goes full techno mode with heavy beats. Place 5 and 682 points.

34:55 E!ghtbm – Takeshi kovac’s purgatory
38:40 DJ Daemon: Time for the funky tune of the top list? I’m not so sure. I’ll let you decide. Liqube’s Persuadertron sure sounds weird at time, but still has time for some funkiness in between it all. Place 4 and 709 points.

39:06 Liqube – Persuadertron
43:08 DJ Daemon: And now, let’s go into the medal positions! It’s bronze time and third place for Freaking funky rhythm. Ah, there it is! This is the true funky town and it’s major is JosSs. 728 leads to close to the top. This is one for the ages, folks! Cut loose! Oh, yeaaaaaahh!!!!

43:31 JosSs – Freakin funky rythm
46:16 DJ Daemon: Subi and Wreckonciled gets the silved medal and 738 points. This one has tempo and the power to reach for the stars and then land in the treetops that is second position.

46:29 Subi – Wreckonciled
49:51 DJ Daemon: The compo restricts all entries to a maximum of four minutes, but we will give you the uncut version of The Oasis. Enjoy a very welldeserved winner. It’s Bacter and Saga Musix. First place with 796 and a gold medal hopefully not made from chocolate. As winner you must check that out. That’s why all medalists bite their medals. Can’t be sure enough.

50:20 Bacter & Saga Musix – The Oasis

55:24 Romeo Knight – 50 shaders of Flötenschlumpf
59:24 ericade.radio – We love the demo scene
59:28 Jammer of MultiStyle Labs – Latest Revision

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