75. Cheesy listening – Flashback, tracks from the past

Written by on 2022-02-12

Yesterday “Cheesy Listening” hit the retro world like a bombshell. A brand new music disk with Virgill rocking it with lots of new chip tunes. Today DJ Daemon gives you the best of a that music disk AND the previous projekt of Virgill, Chipo Django. Which is the better music collection for the Commodore Amiga. One rocking mouse goes up against a raven looking back at him.

00:00 ericade.radio – Time for another episode of Flashback – Tracks from the past
00:07 DJ Daemon: Every week this show plays all the new songs getting into the station. But this week, most are totally fresh! The music disk Cheesy listening was released yesterday. Today it will go up against the four-month-old music disk Chipo Django. And you get ar eview in the end of the show. First out is Cheesy listening with Lords of the chords,

00:33 Cheesy listening – Lords of the chords
03:19 DJ Daemon: Ok, first off: what’s a music disk? I like to think of it as a demo that plays a playlist of music. Spotify on a diskette if I may say so. Both music disks we play in this hour can be loaded in your Amiga and will then show some cool graphics and then let you play the tracker music from a menu. As I said earlier, all music today comes from the music disks Cheesy listening and Chipo Django. And from Cheesy listening, we take another track called: Game over, man. It’s the first of the tunes on the list and shows just how versatile Virgill is as an artist.

04:03 Cheesy listening – Game over man
06:25 DJ Daemon: Cheesy listening is a true gem of a music disk that runs on any Amiga and all music here was recorded from my Amiga 1200 yesterday. This ensure it will be playing without any emulation problem. … Well, onto the other music disk we play today, Chipo Django. It has artist Virgill as an artist and organizer. And yes, it’s same Virgill that’s behind Cheesy Listening. But Chipo Django has a wider range of other artists for its collection of tunes. We’re going for Slash and the tune Paws and claws from Chipo Django.

07:08 Slash – Paws and claws
10:12 DJ Daemon: So Cheesy listening was released yesterday, on the 11th of February 2022 while Chipo Django was release on the 9th of October. It won 2nd prize in the Deadline 2021 wild competition. It may seem a bit strange we didn’t cover it, but we only cover the tracked music competition, not the wild ones.

10:42 Cheesy listening – Korolev
13:39 DJ Daemon: Chipo Django boots from the floppy or Gotek and then starts a very typical demo interface with the Raubenauge logo and then a music selector that has color scheme that is made up of deeply blue shades. It has several great selections of music, and I really enjoy Triace’s “Paula at the disco”. You should know, but Paula is the legendary 8bit chip that makes all sounds and music possible on the Amiga. A magic device in the age before we had sound cards in all our computers.

14:21 Triace – Paula at the disco
17:42 DJ Daemon: Cheesy music chooses a more funny and far more polished intro where the graphics in the intro follows the music. The theme is a mouse playing an Amiga 500 as a guitar and the menu of selectable music is well-created and allows you to see remaining time of the track playing and has the classic four channel VU-meters you expect on the Amiga. If you leave the computer alone, it even has a mouse-themed screensaver and that makes it even more awesome. In a true “Travelling Wilburys”-manner, the artists have invented fake names for themselves. And that’s funny because their real names are handles as well. Virgill calls himself “Cheddar”, Critikill is known as “Raclette”, and Nosferatu goes by the name “Gruyere”. And those are names of cheese by the way.

18:42 Cheesy listening – Dreamcatcher
21:47 DJ Daemon: The music on Chipo Django has a greater variety, whereas all the tunes on Cheesy listening have a theme or sorts. They sound similar. Also, all music is by Virgill. The artists on Chipo Django are Curt cool, Dalezy, Maze, Okeanos, Trace, Slash, Vedder and off course Virgill. Let’s get Curt Cool a chance and it’s from Chipo Django. The tune is called Quickshot dramaking.

22:24 Curt Cool – Quickshot dramaking
25:30 DJ Daemon: So, which is the better music disk? In my opinion, they’re both great, but Chipo Django has a variety that Cheesy listening lacks. But when it comes to presentation, Cheesy is really well-produced in a funny and compelling way, so it wins there. I give Chipo Django five out of five and Cheesy listening four out of five. Onwards with Gimme Lemonade from Cheesy listening

26:01 Cheesy listening – Gimme Lemonade
28:58 DJ Daemon: You’re listening to Flashback, tracks from the past with your host DJ Daemon. That’s me. The best tune on Chipo Django, according to your truly, has to be Juice and “Switching lanes”. Everything in those two music disks are chip tunes and they deliver all the best chip tunes can be.

29:23 Juice – Switching Lanes
33:01 DJ Daemon: What’s a chip tune anyway, you might ask? It’s easy: it’s a tune with samples trying to sound like it was made on a computer that couldn’t play them. It was once almost a derogatary term for tracked music trying to sound like it was meant to play on an Atari, C64 or NES. But it turned out to become a very successful style of tracked music in its own right.

33:34 Cheesy listening – Dorfdisko
35:09 DJ Daemon speaks.

35:48 Virgill – Amiga Funeral
39:47 DJ Daemon speaks.

40:14 Cheesy listening – 4kasm
41:38 DJ Daemon speaks.

42:29 Okeanos – Red Drop
45:53 DJ Daemon talks about old computer magazines, Slaze, Svenska Commodoreklubben and music disks.

46:45 Cheesy listening – Crispy cheese
49:27 DJ Daemon speaks about the demo scene and “Ski or death”.

50:27 Okeanos – Suncopated groove
53:23 DJ Daemon presents Hvrankel and the Hack and Slash competition on This Old Cabin BBS.

54:24 Cheesy listening – Galvanize
57:46 DJ Daemon thanks you for listening.

58:20 ericade.radio – Commodore was limited, but the Amiga is eternal
58:28 Virgill – Bratgrumbeere

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