Month: January 2021

Time to dish out some random stuff over the virtual airwaves. DJ Daemon has picked up a slew of songs of high quality never heard before on this station and struggles to pronounce the French and German names. Don’t laugh! Try to do it better, yourself In the news: New Protracker for the PC and […]

The 80s ended more than 30 years ago, but it was an interesting time in the eye of an impressionable youth such as me. I was 5 when it started and 15 when it was over. In between we had the closing chapter in the cold war, a battle between home computers, a combat where […]

Another doin’ nothin’ show. I did one a month ago, and I’m not done with that yet. New music (for this station) is promised and delivered as you expect. I also read a bad poem with so much horrible grammar it makes it all worth listening by itself. Some notes: About the intro: I don’t […]

Chiptunes are back in style in the retro scene. On of the people keeping this classic 80s and 90s computer music alive is Tekmann, who does his music on two Gameboys. He avoids doing to much post-work on the tunes he composes and instead prefers letting the real hardware doing the heavy lifting. It’s as […]

20 minutes before the show would “Air”, I knew it could be done. My plan was to record it later. But as my previous engagements fell throutgh, I sprung into action and got all things good from Amiga Modules Archive with a rating of 9 out of 10. Hence the cheezy reference to the old […]

Storytelling is key in some games but pretty optional in others. IF it needs a story it often ends up making or breaking the whole game itself. DJ Daemon sorts out four major storytelling mechanisms that are commonly found in the business.

Being wrong is no fun, but it’s soo easy. This episode jokes around about the incorrect stuff I said during the fall of 2020 and even puts the very idea of calling it “Errata” on a podcast in question. So it’s time to question our correctness and sanity. Maybe being wrong is ok, but what […]

Mixing it up by combining the New years eve and New years day broadcasts in a totally seamless podcast. DJ Daemon goes through the Amiga year of 2020 without mentioning the war (which war?), the American election OR too much about the Corona. Relax and enjoy music never heard on the station from the Amiga […]

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